Thursday, June 30, 2016

Finding Dory

Last night we had our annual family movie night.
Last year we saw the Minions movie, but this year we saw the well anticipated Finding Dory movie!
We have been wanting to see it since it came out, and if you still haven't seen it yet, then you definitely need to see it.
Not going to lie, but I teared up a little bit. 
All of my nieces and nephews went to the movies with my mom, brother, his girlfriend and I.
It was so much fun!
It wouldn't be a family movie night unless we didn't have a themed dinner before hand.
My mom made dinner totally under the sea themed.
There were "sea snails" aka mini weenies, "ocean water" aka blue Hawaiian punch and shell pasta. 
And of course those delicious cupcakes with blue frosting.
We all ate way too much popcorn and maybe that is why I'm not feeling so well today but it was good!

And after our movie night I went over my boyfriend's house for family game night. I just caught the end of whatever crazy game they were playing. 
And my boyfriend was matching me! 
We both had orange shirts on. We do this literally all the time.
We went to a graduation party a couple of weeks ago and I had a navy blue dress on and guess what color he was wearing from head to toe? 
Navy blue!

I kinda got into the Dory themed spirit because my shirt has what appears to be seashells on it, and has scalloped sleeves. 
Also, you find pearls under the sea, so I had my big pearl earrings on!
Okay, I know those are kind of a stretch but still!

And I will be swimming with real fishes in a couple of days when I go on vacation!!!
Can anyone guess where I am going??

Shirt: J Crew orange scalloped shirt (similar)
Earrings: large faux pearls 


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