Monday, June 13, 2016

Meeting Baby ZOE!!

On Friday at 10:05 am I became an aunt for the 6th time!!
Meet Zoe! She is my second and littlest niece! 
I had a crazy day on Friday so my twin brother, my sister and I went to see her on Saturday morning! 
She is so cute! She's so tiny!! You think she looks tiny in my arms and I'm 5'9" but my brother is 6'3" and she looks sooooo tiny!
Lol my twin brother and I are campaigning for godparents 2k16, but come on we are the only siblings that aren't godparents and we really want to be! But whatever it will be it will be!

And of course I had to look cute to go visit my niece for the first time!
I am obsessed with these linen shorts from J Crew! They have little people on them and little scenes and lots of pastel colors. They are also super super comfortable. So my shirt actually matches some of the little people and trees on my shorts! But again this shirt gets wrinkled very easily and requires a strapless bra.

Shorts: J Crew light pink and printed linen pull on shorts (similar)


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