Thursday, June 23, 2016

Michelle's Graduation Party




Marykate and Michelle

and Me!

Congrats Mitchie!! (even though we didn't graduate yet!!)
Michelle's grad party was on Saturday, so this post is very delayed but I have been super super busy!
We still haven't graduated yet, I had my last final yesterday and I got a job!
Sunday, was Father's day/my nephew Jack's birthday celebration- which included a bbq and water balloon fight, and there were really no photos taken, except during the water balloon fight where I was pelted and targeted by my family. And my hair was a mess after I was attacked so those pictures wouldn't have turned out cute...
Saturday was a crazy day, not that all my days aren't crazy.
But Saturday, Michelle and I went from camp orientation/job orientation (which I resigned from... that's a long story) and then she left early, but I went straight from orientation to her party. 
So I arrived fashionably late.
I was starving, but luckily Michelle had wonderful Italian food!
After stuffing my face with eggplant rollatini, penne alla vodka and cannolies we all went into Michelle's basement for some Just Dance and Sing It on the Wii. Major throwback games but they were so much fun and we laughed a lot!

Your welcome, all my vertically challenged friends that I wore flats! I was keeping in mind Mitch that you are very small compared to me, and it was your grad party and all so I wore flats to not make you feel so small at your party.
But normally, I am always in wedges or heels regardless of the heights of my friends. And I love wearing heels and every girl should wear them, if they want, regardless of their height. 
Tall girls wear your heels, sorry smaller friends but people are envious of our height. Sorry but we make all eyes turn to us when we walk in the room. And if we're wearing heels then we really conquer any room we walk into.

Michelle's outfit
Shoes: white rope wedges (similar)
Bracelet: gold communion bangle

Jenny's outfit:
Shoes: brown cork wedges (similar)
Necklace: gold cross necklace (similar)

Justine's outfit:
Dress: Forever 21 black elephant dress (more options)
Necklaces: assorted
Earrings: assorted silver earrings

Marykate's outfit:
Top: white tank top (similar)
Skirt: Navy blue tie dye skirt (similar)

My outfit:
Dress: J Crew purple dress (similar- different colors)
Earrings: multi colored big statement earrings from a boutique (similar)


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