Sunday, June 5, 2016

Peter's Graduation

Today, my twin brother, Peter, graduated from high school!
Peter and I go to different high schools, so therefore I am graduating at the end of the month.
The graduation started at 2 and ended at 5:30. It was so longggggggg!!! He has about 600 kids in his grade so that is part of the reason it took so long, but also because the principal of the school didn't just call up the names of the kids to get their diplomas but also all of their accomplishments and awards..... Peter's girlfriend and I were making the joke that they should have just listed all of the things these kids didn't do, it would take less time!
Overall, it was really nice but way too long!
And then of course when it's finally over we go outside to take pictures and it starts pouring.... 
So we ended up taking family photos inside when we got back to our house. The whole family didn't go to graduation, because he only had 7 tickets. My parents, grandparents, aunt, his girlfriend and I went. And then the rest of the family met us at our house where we had dinner, catered from my brother's favorite restaurant, Moe's! It's a fast food Mexican restaurant in our area, and it's my brother's favorite. It was a surprise and he was so shocked! 
I will admit that I cried a little bit. It's sad! How could you not! I am a big mush ball! And I especially don't like change, and next year is going to be a big change for everyone in my family and just in my life in general!
Congrats brother!! You got what you wanted! Always everything first! Born first, walked first, drove first and now graduated first! lol
Love you! I know we bicker and fight about stupid things but congrats, you made it! You are done with high school and now you have 7 years or + to be a botanist! Lol jk! 
Don't forget about me next year and feel free to send me a text ever so often! 
Love you!!

Dress: J Crew cream dress with pastel stripes (similar)
Necklace: pearl necklace
Shoes: BCBG nude platform pumps (similar)


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