Sunday, June 5, 2016

Dinner, Gelato and Half a Movie

On Friday night, Jenny aka Jennpen127/Michelle's older sister, Michelle aka Mitch and myself, went out for dinner, gelato and half a movie! 

Jennpen127 is in college, so I don't get to see her very often so we had a nice night of catching up and chilling at my favorite Mexican restaurant, where they serve you lemon ice to cleanse your pallet and cotton candy with your check. Michelle only likes to go because of the cotton candy!
And then if that wasn't sweet enough we went out for gelato! (Mind you I had two crepes with Nutella in French class earlier in the day.) I got raspberry and my friends got some weird funky flavors....
After gelato I wanted to watch The Spectacular Now, I made it half way through the movie, I was exhausted from getting 4.5 hours of sleep the night before and the movie wasn't very good! Okay Jenny you were right!
Overall we had so much fun! We need to get together more often but we're all so busy! It's so hard!
Love you girls!

Jenny's outfit
Shirt/dress: Acemi black shirt 
Necklace: local boutique
Bracelets: KJP pearl bracelet, Tiffany charm bracelet, Tory Burch logo bangle

Michelle's outfit
Shirt: Stella Luce gray tank top
Necklace: Pyrrah sterling silver pendant
Ring: Pyrrah sterling silver ring
Bracelets: Assorted leather bracelets
Shoes: Steve Madden brown sandals/flats

My outfit
Shirt: J Crew white t-shirt with gold beaded neck (tank top version)
Skirt: J Crew blue and white pencil skirt (similar)
Bracelet: C Wonder pink initial cuff
Watch: Michael Kors gold Blair watch (rose gold version)


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