Sunday, June 19, 2016

New Student Reception in NYC

Welcome back to another Tall and Preppy post!
It's been a crazy week! 
These photos are actually from Wednesday when my parents and I went to a Wake Forest New Student Reception in NYC.
My mom and dad work in the city, so I took the train in and met them at Grand Central Station and then went to dinner at this French restaurant which is actually attached to Grand Central.
This is like one of the first times I actually went into the city by myself, which is kinda crazy considering I live so close (and frankly kinda embarrassing.) But I normally go in with my parents or friends and they always know where they're going and if they don't, we just put it into maps on our phones and figure it out.
But this time I was determined to not use maps and to get to Grand Central Station from Penn Station  without using maps. (And I also kinda couldn't because I used up like 59% of the data of our data plan and we were on like 97% sooo yeah, that's a whole other story.) So my dad, he's so cute, he actually drew me a little paper map of the city that I memorized and used to get from point a to point b. 
By the time I reached Grand Central I was sweating, not because it was so hot out but because I was walking super fast to get away from the creepy men. One guy told me to "smile chica" and in those situations I just walk really fast and avoid eye contact. 
have learned over the years that in Manhattan you just have to "strut like you mean it" and walk with 
a purpose at all times.
Then, you will always look fierce and fabulous and hopefully creepy men won't stop and talk to you, or 
also in my case, try and look up your skirt.  

After dinner in Grand Central my parents and I made our way over to Park Ave to go to a "casual" New 
Student Reception for Wake Forest.
I thought it was kinda going to be intimidating, being on Park Ave and all, in one of my new fellow 
classmate's condo but it honestly really wasn't intimidating. Every new student there was obviously 
very nervous. 
And my parents and I were dressed perfectly. It said "casual" dress on the invitation but let's be real
it's Manhattan, on Park Ave and it's also Wake Forest. Like we were dressed perfectly. Some kids went 
really like normal casual in like a t-shirt and jeans but overall everyone figured out that "casual" wasn't 
actually casual, but rather a skirt, dress or a button down.
And after we all got comfortable and started talking it was really nice! Everyone was super sweet and 
I actually know some of the boys that will be going with me next year because they know my brother.
All the girls were really nice, the boys were super cute and it was just a fun evening! 
It really got me excited for college!
The minute my dad handed me my acceptance letter I was sooooo overwhelmed with joy and so excited 
to be going to my dream school, but right after that I got back into school mode and had a gazillion 
projects and tests to do and study for and all of a sudden I wasn't excited for college anymore.
I told my friend Beth in gym class that I just had so much work and stuff going on that I couldn't even 
think about college let alone be excited for it.
But after Wednesday night I became super excited and now I really can't wait.
On my last day of high school I was really sad and upset that I was leaving a place that had been my home
for the past 6 years but after going on Wednesday and meeting some of my new classmates I realized
I am ready to move onto the next chapter of my life and I am ready to be done with high school, even 
though I still have one final test and I have to graduate.
I'm excited! 

Grand Central is absolutely stunning and a must see for anyone traveling to the city. 
Here is my mom and I, in Grand Central posing for pictures and my mom would like to say that she is the 
"original Tall and Preppy," and that I am only tall and preppy because I got my height and sense of style 
from her..... Okay mom..........
But seriously, my mom has a really good fashion sense and I did definitely get it from her! (Sorry dad! 
But you're pretty fashionable too!)
My mom and I are actually kinda matching. Her scarf and my shirt are the same hot pink color!

My outfit:
Shirt: Banana Republic hot pink tank top with high-low peplum (tucked into my skirt) (similar)
Skirt: J Crew printed pencil skirt (similar)
Bracelet: Tory Burch gold logo bangle

My mom's outfit:
Scarf: Hermès hot pink silk scarf (similar)
Bag: Kate Spade purple satchel
Earrings: diamond studs
Bracelets: Assorted gold bracelets and Fitbit Alta in blue
Necklace: gold pendant


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