Thursday, June 9, 2016


So tonight was PoCoHo or Poetry Coffee House under the stars, every year this event is held outside, but due to a torrential downpour earlier in the day, we thought the ground would be a little too soggy for this to be an event under the stars... 
So we had it in our black box just like all the other ones we have had this year! 
This was my first year that I went to all the PoCoHos! There are three each year and I have just always been so busy and too focused on school to go! But this year, being a senior, I went to all of them. 
Actually in February for the "love" themed PoCoHo, I went up and performed a poem spontaneously because none of my friends wanted to do it, so I did it and it was a lot of fun!
Tonight was the last PoCoHo of this year and Caroline and I were the PoCoHosts! Get it??!!
So we hosted tonight and had so much fun! 
We had 29 acts! A strong mix of poems and musical performances.
Caroline started the night off with some corny and cheesy jokes and I just made sassy/salty comments about my friends who performed or just about the performances in general!
For example, my friend Maddie who sang and was accompanied on piano by Erin, (Hi Madeline and EDog!!) had her boyfriend video tape her whole performance, so then being the sassy person I am, was like, "Wow Maddie you have a really good boyfriend, shoutout to him for video taping the whole thing, my boyfriend doesn't do that for me......" The shade was thrown!! 
I really didn't care he wasn't video taping me, I just thought it was really funny! I felt bad it was kind of mean, but really funny!
And then he started video taping me and taking photos (action shots courtesy of Jack) only after everyone starred at him and oooed and pointed at him.... Sorry!!!
And then he even got up to perform! 
Just by chance, I introduced him and was like, "Yep this next act again is probably only doing it for extra credit but please welcome to the stage Jack...." And everyone oooooded and ahhhhhed and just kept making like sound affects to embarrass us, because everyone knows we are dating... well if they didn't they know now!!
We gave each other our signature high five when he left the stage and handed me his mic. He's slightly offended he wasn't put onto my snap story! But I was listening very closely to his poem so that's why! Sorry!!
Again, I joked that he was only doing it for extra credit, which most people who were reading their poems were, but no he wasn't, he was doing it because he wanted to or because I was there, I don't really know. Regardless, it was a really powerful poem. It was about texting and driving. It was so powerful that some people thought it was about him or his family. 
Most of my friends came and supported me!
It was really sweet! They all kept texting me during the event telling me that they thought I was funny and doing a good job!
Yes, I also made some corny and bad jokes sent to me by Erin.... only after someone in the audience asked to hear my jokes, which I didn't have! 
Oh and someone told me to get off the stage. Like this girl was just speaking out loud and I heard her say, "OMG get off the stage!" And I was like um okay then.... well now I am going to continue with my stupid jokes and my sass! Thank you for the encouragement to keep going!!
We ended off the night with all of the girl's favorite performer, Michael! He is pretty much like the Justin Bieber of our school because all the girls, myself included love when he performs!
"Alright ladies get your camera's ready, take your phones out, because your favorite singer is about to perform, everyone here is Michaellllllll!!!!!" Wooooooooo

Today, before PoCoHo, I took my last high school math test!! Wooo!! I definitely failed it even though Jack came over on Monday and attempted to tutor me.... Whatever! I'm over it!
Oh and shoutout to Soap and Jack E (different Jack) for coming over after PoCoHo for a crying/ gossip session! Love you guys!!

Now onto my outfit:
I had a skirt on today but then changed into pants because it was a little chilly tonight!
Funny story: Caroline's shirt is actually a skirt.... yep and she shared that with the audience tonight.....
Now, that's being inventive and creative with how you wear clothes! But go her!
I should have done that with my skirt! lol

Not great shots of me standing still, but I am wearing:
Shirt: Banana Republic fuchsia pink peplum top (similar)
Bracelet: Tory Burch logo bangle


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