Monday, June 13, 2016

Empire Room- Vocal Jazz Concert

On Friday I had my very last concert at my school. It was a jazz concert in the cafeteria. 
All of the jazz ensembles performed. I am in Vocal Jazz so we sang "You Make Me Feel So Young, "Sunny," "Skylark," "Just the Way You Are/Just A Dream (mashup)," and "And All That Jazz."
Us seniors even did a little song just us and we sang "Feeling Good."
This was our last day of classes so if you read from my last blog post, I was exhausted from crying and just really not myself. And also these lights were sooooo bright, and it was so hot in the cafeteria!
I just didn't enjoy it at all.
Honestly, I thought I messed up the words during my solo, because I was so emotionally drained.
And because I was so out of it I got locked out of my house and had to go to my sister's house! 

But here is Eliana, our fabulous chorus teacher and I looking all jazzy!
Our teacher literally looks so much better than us!! AHHH!
And shoutout to Emma from WOCO! Sorry I forgot!!

I love this dress! It is a bod-con dress so it is really tight but it's super stretchy and therefore it kind of sucks everything in! And it is just such a classic dress! It's super chic with being off the shoulder and I think I will wear it for years to come! 

Eliana's jazzy ensemble:
Shirt: Elizabeth and James black denim crop top (similar)
Skirt: All Saints leather skirts (similar)
Necklace: choker made by a friend

My jazzy ensemble:
Bracelet: C Wonder pink initial cuff

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