Sunday, July 3, 2016

Grad SZN

The hostess who didn't want to be in a picture with me...

Yesterday afternoon I went to Kristina's graduation party!
It was really nice to see some of my friends, considering I haven't really seen anyone since graduation, which is kinda sad but we had a really fun time!
We had some good burrito bowls and some good laughs.

You might be slightly confused about what "SZN" stands for in my title, but I don't know maybe it's just me, but it stands for season, Grad Season, and apparently all the cool kids are saying it these days, I don't really know.
Sophia even used it as the caption on her insta selfie of the two of us! It was super cute and I was honored to be featured on her insta! Thanks bubbles!

Shoutout to my crazy friend Daniel for making fun of me for MONTHS about my blog, only to learn last night that he has a blog himself. So HA!!! He's really tall and preppy himself, as you can see, but I am obviously still the taller and more preppy one. Here's his blog, you should really go check it out!   (King of Chevron)

I'm going to sound like a nerd here, but a cold front just came into the area so we have been experiencing some colder days and nights up here in the northeast. 
(Also lots of mosquitos) hence my long sleeved shirt dress.

Dress: Gap floral shirt dress (similar)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban cat eye tortoise shell aviators (similar)


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