Sunday, June 12, 2016

Last Day of High School

My last day of high school was Friday!
I can't believe it!
It was a very emotional day and I have been putting off putting this blog post up because I don't want to cry anymore. 
It's just crazy to think that I am not going to have 42 minute periods anymore, 4 minutes between classes, I will never have a locker again and I will never really see my teachers or classmates again!
It's just crazy!
I still refuse to read my yearbook because it will make me cry and I already shed enough tears on Friday. I literally cried every period. 
I even cried on my way to school with my dad, that was the last time he will drive me to school.
The morning started off at school with my last time sitting in the Theater Lab before class and just hanging out with some theater friends. And then going downstairs to Michelle's locker and sitting with her and our morning squad! Then it was time to walk to first period together for the very last time. On the loudspeaker was: "We're All in this Together!" And "High School Musical Finale" from High School Musical! AKA MY FAVORITE MOVIE FRANCHISE EVER!!
First period, RepCo with our theater teacher was of course dramatic and emotional! He like locked us in the room and sang to us and started crying so then we all started crying.
Second period, Pre-Calc Honors Math. Math was such a fun class this year! My boyfriend sits in front of me in class and also this kid in our class, Steve is so funny. He always eats the weirdest breakfasts! Like he literally eats a salad at 9 am in the morning with a waffle on top! And so I used to joke around with him and make the whole class laugh. So as a joke I got a class superlative of "Feigned annoyance award, for knowing deep down inside that you're going to miss Steve next year!" Haha and I will miss Steve! He was so funny and made math actually kind of enjoyable! 
I surprisingly didn't cry in math.
Third period, AP Government class! I really loved AP Gov this year. I found it so interesting and it really confirmed that I want to study Political Science in college. I shed a couple of tears. It was a really fun class! 
Fourth period, AP French! I was really sad to say goodbye to this class and my teacher! I have had Madame for four years now and she is also the advisor for French Honor Society. Everyone in the class jokes around with me that I am her best friend, and I honestly am! We talk about everything and we get along really well! Whenever there is a problem in the class I am always the one to talk to her and we just always have a great time together! She always comes sees me in the shows and she even wrote one of my college recommendation letters! She is also super fashionable and fierce! I am going to miss her so much! I bought her her favorite flowers, an orchid and I wrote her a nice letter about how much I love her and how I am really going to miss her! She hugged us all as we left the classroom and I was the last one to leave so I gave her the plant and her letter and we hugged it out. We both started bawling and that was that. We agreed to go meet up when we're in Paris and to stay fashionable!
 I officially became a mess, I don't know why I even bothered to wear mascara or makeup on my face at all. 
I saw my friend from WOCO, Kate in the hallway several times and every time she saw me I was mess, I always had tears coming down my face!
Fifth period, Physics! Woo!! Shoutout to Physics Squad!! I honestly didn't do any work this period, I just walked around and got my yearbook signed by some other teachers! And then at 12 we went outside to the front field for the poorly planned senior prank. It was a fail. At first they wanted to do bring your dog to school day, but no one did that, and then our grade planned on doing a water balloon fight, and that didn't happen because security took away the water balloons. So that was a flop! 
And so many kids weren't in school on Friday! Like it's your last day of high school and your cutting! Come on! I just didn't get it, but whatever!
Sixth period, gym! So exciting! NOT! Kinda crazy that I will never have physical education again! But I'm kinda totally okay with that. We just walked around and got our yearbooks signed.
I even went to my guidance counselor and she signing my yearbook. I also gave her an orchid and a letter about how much I appreciate all of her help over the years! I am really going to miss her! She was the best guidance counselor ever and just really cared about me!
Seventh period, Econ! I hated Econ. I was kinda salty because that originally was my lunch period, but then I had to take Econ to graduate, so yeah. But overall, it was a fun class. I had some friends in my class and the teacher was really chill but besides that I was not a fan! Sometimes we went to the computer lab and my boyfriend always had an accounting class that period in the computer lab so it was fun to like sneak a peak at each other every couple of minutes but other than that the class was annoying. 
Eight period, WOCO Honors! My last time in Women's Chorus! Very bitter sweet! I love that class! We had such an amazing year! We got gold with distinction at NYSMAA and we had a wonderful group of girls this year! I was Soprano 1 section leader and just had a great time in this class! I love our chorus teacher she is amazing and fabulous and the sweetest woman! I love her and am going to miss her dearly! I also am going to miss the girls in WOCO! Shoutout to Nerves and EBoyle! Also shoutout to my crazy freshmen friends! You ladies are crazy and thank you for making me cry!
Every year in WOCO the girls create superlatives for the seniors and mine was hysterical. My superlative was really funny! It was "Most likely to be Short and Goth." OMG!!! How funny!! They are all joke superlatives and because apparently everyone in the class knows about my blog, they thought this would be the funniest superlative. And it really was! I got a great kick out of it! Thank you ladies for making me laugh and for a wonderful year! I kinda hate that all of you started laughing when I stood up for my teacher to present the award, and I knew it kinda had to be about the blog, but that was good! It was really good and creative!! And you girls never cease to amaze me! Love you ladies!!
And finally ninth period! Wow! I had to drop off Peter's textbooks during this period to the textbook room so I didn't really get to enjoy ninth period. But I did see Grace's final presentation and I was featured in some of the pictures from when I was little so it was really cute!
Joe and I counted down to 3:08 and that was it! School was over! We finished!! 
We finished high school!
I'm really impressed that I wrote this whole blog post without crying! Pat on the back for me!
Probably because I came home and bawled my eyes out for a good hour. I was a mess.
And crying really makes you tired! I was exhausted and I had Empire Room that night! 
Lol funny story, I only took these photos after I took off all my makeup and then reapplied it for Empire Room. Which is the next blog post that you will be reading!

Dress: J Crew white shift dress (similar)
Bracelet: C wonder pink initial cuff


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