Friday, June 10, 2016

Senior Awards Ceremony

One more day of classes!
That's it! 
I can't believe it!

Today, was another busy day!
I continued to get my yearbook signed and continued to cry, just like I am doing right now! And I still have all my best friends and some teachers to sign it! And no, I have not read any of the messages yet, I don't want to look because then it is like I am saying goodbye and I don't want to say goodbye!!
Lol I ran out of space so now there is just card stock loose pages stuck in the middle of my yearbook!  Whatever! I can't help it that I'm so popular! Ha! Jk lol
After school, I had a job interview and was offered a position at a day camp! It sounds like it will be a lot of fun and also my best friend Michelle is working there so I think I am going to take it! 
I finished writing letters to my favorite teachers and I will give them the orchids I got them and there letters tomorrow, aka my last day of high school.... Wow that sounds so weird to say!
And funny story, so I finish high school tomorrow yet tomorrow night I have a placement essay for college due at 11:59 pm... Woooooo!! And it's a very weird prompt, so I don't know what I am really talking about, but hay if I do bad then I will be put into an easy English class right?? Sure! I will go with that!

So then tonight was the senior awards ceremony!
Most of the grade received awards and/or scholarships. But when we arrived at the auditorium tonight we didn't know what awards we were receiving. So it was a complete surprise! It was funny Michelle and I were sitting next to each other and we were joking around all night about "Oh it's a lacrosse award, Mitchie you definitely got that one..." Michelle doesn't play lacrosse... So then we were joking around about this other scholarship, and the announcer was reading off about how the scholarship is awarded to a senior who exhibited outstanding qualities of thoughtfulness, consideration of others, generosity of spirit and the love of writing, drama or literature, and Michelle was like "Liz that's definitely you," I was like nah, and then next thing you knew it was my name being called! I couldn't really tell it was my name because the announcer butchered my last name sooooo poorly but it was definitely me!
Not to brag, but I also received a scholarship based on my "unparalleled passion for theater, commitment to its excellence, and dedication to the theater program." And two awards. One award was Honors in French and High Honors in chorus. The Honors in French I knew about but not the High Honors in chorus! I was shocked! Yes, I am in WOCO Honors and I always have solos and stuff but I didn't think I would receive that honor! 
I'm excited about the Honors awards because that means my name goes on a plaque outside of the auditorium, and it will be there forever!

And here's some photos of me goofing around  with the graduation decorations from last Sunday, that we never took down and probably won't take down until after June 24th!
I wore white jeans and another shirt with my jean jacket at school today because it was seriously cold! I wanted to wear a dress but it was freezing!!
But I did change into one for the ceremony! And shoutout to Elizabeth B for twinning with me and our matching preppy dresses with pockets!!
Lol, I wanted to wear a different J Crew dress but got deodorant on it, OOPS, because I was going to wear this dress tomorrow, but whatever! Don't worry, I have another dress I am going to wear. It is my tradition to start the year and end the year in a dress! I don't know why! I know its bazar but I have always done it and probably always will do it!

Necklace: strand of pearls
Bracelet: Tory Burch gold logo bangle


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