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The Best Things To Do in Winston-Salem

Reminiscing about my life in Winston. I miss it so much! Maybe I will move there one day.
This post is for new admitted students or for students interested in applying to Wake or for friends of mine with more time left on campus!
Winston is such a cool city, so go explore it!

This is the outfit that I would wear to do some of these things in Winston.

Here are some of my favorite things to do in Winston:

1.          Walk around Reynolda House and gardens! It is a quick walk from campus that will transport you to a magical world of lush flowers and grass.
2.          Walk down 4th Street, the main street in downtown Winston. There are lots of restaurants and bars! Just go walk downtown and explore. 
3.          Go to a museum: SECCA, Reynolda Museum, SciWorksWinston-Cup Museum, and the Children’s Museum
4.          EAT out! This is an obvious one to me.
5.          If you are of age, go to a brewery and play trivia! Wise Man Brewing is fun, so is Foothills!
6.          Again, if you are of age, go on a bar crawl! My friends and I LOVE Tate’s on Saturday nights, Earl's, Vintage Sofa, Recreation Billiards, Incendiary Brewery, the Tasting Room, and 6th and Vine.
7.          Go to brand new Wake Downtown! I’ve only been once, but it is beautiful. Great study spots. A beautiful grassy area out front. There are also classes that are taught here.
8.          Have a picnic Quarry Park. This place is stunning. I went in the fall. You can see the whole W-S skyline!
9.          Walk around downtown for the art gallery hop. The first Friday of every month, all the local galleries open at night on Trade Street, so you can go explore and see the pretty art. 
10.       Visit Salem Lake. I’ve never been, but I heard it’s a beautiful place to walk or run.
11.       Visit Old Salem. I have also never been. I wanted to go and then you know what happened... Old Salem is a historic part of  Winston, that is supposedly beautiful, with really pretty old houses and delicious traditional Moravian restaurants. 
12.       Tour Historic Bethbara. I have been here. We toured it in my First Year Seminar. It was the first Moravian settlement in Winston.
13.       Shop at the farmer’s market downtown. I’ve tried to do this but am usually too tired Saturday mornings to get up and go. 
14.       Attend a NC School of the Arts show downtown. The nutcracker is performed every year around Christmas! I’ve always wanted to go, but I’m usually back in New York for Christmas break during the performances.
15.       Hike Hanging Rock. I did this once. I’m not really an “outdoorsy” person, as you all know... but I definitely recommend going to Hanging Rock after class on Friday or during the weekend. It is a quick ride from campus and a really nice way to escape stressful campus life.
16.       Attend a sporting event. There are so many sporting events at Wake on campus: field hockey, track and field, and soccer. And off campus: basketball, football, hockey, tennis, baseball, which can all be attended via the Deacon One shuttle.
17.       Hike Pilot Mountain. A little further than Hanging Rock but a way prettier hike. I went this past year and our goal was to hike to the top of the summit, but we got completely lost and ended up taking a 7-mile hike and then realized we could just drive to the top...
18.       Go to a ball game at The Dash. Winston has a minor league baseball team! I’ve never been to one of their games, but I’ve always wanted to go. On Thursday’s, they do dollar beers!

I cannot wait to go back to Winston! Who wants to meet me there?


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