Friday, April 28, 2017

Wake Downtown

Happy Reading Day!
My first final is on Monday, so I have a ton of time to study.
I am not stressed at all... which is actually a really good thing.
But because my first test isn't until Monday I am not really motivated...
And because of that, Caroline, Emily, Clara and I went to our downtown campus for lunch and some light studying.
This downtown campus just opened this year and it's gorgeous.
It's very modern and sleek.
It reminds me a lot of NYC. And like Bryant Park or the High Line. 
There are classes there and stem cell research at this campus.
I was mesmerized by the building and this little campus.
I can't believe it's part of Wake.
If you go to Wake you have to go see it, even if you don't even study there.
The pictures I put on my Insta story (@tallandpreppy) don't even do the campus justice. It's so cool!

Emily and I found this silent study room on the 3rd floor and it was great!
It was silent and that is my favorite kind of study space. (That's why I love the 7th floor of the library!)
We were in there for about 2 hours until this guy came in and screamed at us.
He said "Yo guys, if you aren't a med student and your ID doesn't open this door you can't be in here. I'm not gonna kick you out, but your not allowed to be in here."
Well, that was a bit aggressive.
And not for nothing, but there were NO signs that said "Wake Forest Medical Student Study Space ONLY," it only said, "Silent Study Space- No phones."
It's not like we were being loud, we were following the rules and being silent!
And it's not like there were medical students there that wanted to use the study space that we were using.
There were 3 more floors of "medical student study space."
After I was all started by that rude med student, WFU Campus Police comes in and kicks us out.
And he was like if your ID card doesn't open this door you can't come in, and he's like it says that on the door.... and we were like ah no it doesn't....
So I was very ticked off, and now I am going to write a very strongly worded letter because it's not fair!
We pay MORE than the medical students and it's our campus too!!
So watch out, a sassy New Yorker is coming for you Wake Downtown....

A crazy bright outfit for a not so bright day outside.
My shorts are literally neon pink, like highlighter pink.
I don't think you can really tell from the pictures but they are pretty obnoxious and I love them!
I could have toned down this outfit a bit more and wore like a denim or white shirt, but if your gonna go big and loud, you might as well stick with that!
So I did!

Bag: Tory Burch large York satchel in navy blue 


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