Tuesday, November 15, 2016

ACC Champs

You may or may not have heard but Wake is an ACC champ yet again!
We beat Clemson in soccer on Sunday and claimed the 2016 ACC Men's D1 soccer champions!
Thus why the quad is rolled with lots and lots of toilet paper!
Part of the tp is probably from when some kids rolled the quad after Trump won the election... but most is from Sunday night.
We play Clemson again on Saturday night, but this time in football for our last home game!

I had a busy Friday!
I walked all the way over to the Arnold Palmer golf complex on campus to pick up some team memorabilia for our museum exhibit for my FYS. 
The complex was so fancy!
And I never knew it was on campus.....
Besides going to the golf building, I did some redesigning of my dorm room....
Blair went away for the weekend, and while she was gone I, with some help from my hall mates, redid our room! I moved the furniture around, so now we have so much floor space, and now we can have people sleepover if we want!
It was a surprise so B was speechless when she walked in the room Sunday night and saw that all the furniture was moved around!
I also went to a basketball game Friday night, where we cheered on "our boys." lol
We won but it was a very low scoring game. 
So later at a frat party, we saw some of the basketball team, who we've hung out with before, and I gave them a couple of pointers. 
Coming from a very basketball and just sports oriented family, I told our friend that foul shots need to be worked on, as well as rebounds...

I go home in a week from today! And I am so excited! But before then I have so much work to do!
I have a math test on Wednesday and a paper due Thursday, as well as a project due Friday.
Yesterday, I handed in my politics paper, which I had been working on for over a month. 
I thought it was pretty good! 
When I handed it in though, I noticed everyone in my class had a cover page....
No where did it say I needed a cover page...
So I obviously should have just assumed that....
But it's okay it was my first big college paper. Not that big of a deal.
It is what it is, and I am learning!

As you all know by now I love cheetah!
And no, sorry Mitch and George, I am not going to discuss how cheetah is a neutral.....
I kinda feel and look like a grandma in this sweater not gonna lie.
And I know that it's a (very stylish) grandma sweater because my mother, who is a grandma, has the same sweater in short sleeve....
I actually bought it for her, and then decided I needed it too! 
So ya.

Necklace: J Crew purple necklace with brown ribbon (similar)
Shoes: Tory Burch black/gold Reva flats


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