Friday, November 4, 2016

Contemporary Art- SECCA

I hate to say it but art museums usually make me yawn.
However, yesterday I didn't yawn.
My class and I went to SECCA, a contemporary art museum down here in Winston-Salem. I loved it.
This was the first real art museum our class went to and I really really loved it.
The museum was just so interesting and so modern. 
There were exhibits about the 2016 election, which if you haven't voted you should ASAP (if you have early voting) or mark your calendars for the 8th! 
The artist from the exhibit (on my right) had people in Byrant Park in Manhattan type letters to the future president of the United States. It was really interesting to read some of them. Some of them were kind of vulgar and could be seen as offensive but hey, freedom of speech. I also just thought how the exhibit was laid out, on clothes-lines in between two walls, was just really cool.
The exhibit directly behind me was all about 9/11.
Being an American this is a touchy subject but just also being a New Yorker it is even more so. 
On the tables behind me were New York Times articles from September 11th, 2001. And on top of the newspaper articles were colorful and geometric designs. So most of the words you couldn't read on the papers, except the date.
There was also an exhibit about censorship and wiretapping. And also one about the Syrian refugees.
I loved how this museum displayed political and social problems in the world right now and is able to teach museum goers about terrorism, the presidential election, wiretapping and the Syrian refugees all through pictures and modern pieces of art work.
I just thought it was so interesting.
I love when topics I learn in one class connect with topics I learn somewhere else. And the wiretapping and censorship exhibit is something we had a debate about in Politics class. Also, we talk about the presidential election everywhere, in and out of all my classes. And finally, the 9/11 exhibit relates to a paper I am writing on the Patriot Act for my politics class.
I just love how they all interact and overlap with each other.
I have to say this is probably my favorite museum we have seen yet.
It was just fascinating how modern day news can be shown through art.
I'm obsessed!

And come on, doesn't my shirt look great in this contemporary art museum?
I think it does!
I didn't even know I was going to an art museum when I wore this shirt, but good thing I did, because I match the aesthetic of the museum, and come on how fun is that?!

Shirt: H&M blue and orange abstract blouse (similar crazy shirt)
Earrings: Tiffany sterling silver ball studs
Shoes: Tory Burch Reva black/gold ballet flats


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