Saturday, May 16, 2020

Graduation Feels

Monday, I (virtually) graduate from Wake Forest University.
As everyone has said, “this is not the spring semester any of us imagined.”
That’s 100% true.

As upsetting as this time is normally for graduates, it is even more upsetting right now during this pandemic. I knew I would be crying and sad that my time at Wake was over at graduation.
But I knew I also would have been happy and excited for the future.
I am a lot less happy than I thought I would be, but I also didn’t think there was going to be a pandemic mid 2020.

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When the virus hit, and Wake decided to give us an extra week of spring break and evaluate if it was safe for us to come back, I was in disbelief.
When school got canceled and I had to go back home, I was angry.
I was sad for weeks. I missed, and still do miss, my friends and I am sad that I don’t get to experience any senior traditions.

Now, I am in the acceptance phase, for the most part. 
There are days when I am sad that my senior year was taken away from me.
There are other days that I am angry and don’t understand why this happened.

But overall, I am positive that this will all come to an end sooner or later.
And I am happy to be graduating from Wake Forest regardless if it will just be my parents and I sitting behind my computer screen at our dining room table.

 I moved out of Wake this past weekend. I was hysterical for the days leading up to move out, but I’m okay now.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get all of the last’s I wanted, and I will eventually in October, but I feel a little more closure that now I moved out.
I will feel even more closure on October 31st when I actually walk across the stage.

However, I do feel that I’ve had my time at Wake, and I am ready to move on.
Wake did what it needed to do for me and now I’m ready for my next adventure: law school!

So, thank you Wake for the most amazing 3.75 years on campus!
4 years still wouldn’t have been enough.


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