Saturday, November 12, 2016

Lions and Snakes and Otters, Oh My!

So yesterday I went to the zoo!!
Well it's kind of a zoo...
My FYS class and I went to SciWorks.
It is a science museum that has lots of live animals.
Some of those animals being snakes, bunnies, hissing cockroaches, hamsters, birds, livestock and otters.
Our class talked with the education curator at the museum and then she took us behind the scenes and saw some animals that aren't in the displays.
We saw a hamster and a fluffy bunny. And then we went into the reptile room.... 
If you know me well, you would know that I HATE snakes and have a huge fear of them....
Snakes are literally my only fear but it is a big one.
This fear started because when I was in the 3rd or 4th grade my mom, brother, grandfather and I went backpacking in upstate New York. I apparently walked off the trail and well, I stepped on a snake. It hissed, I jumped up and screamed and was crying hysterically.
So that was how my fear of snakes started....
So even though that was like a long time ago, I still get freaked out by snakes. If people talk about them, I get freaked out and like get all squirmy!
A friend of mine has a really really funny snapchat of me, the look on my face is priceless, when we were talking about
As we were walking out of the reptile room there was a museum employee holding a snake. So because I am big about concurring my fears and just living in the moment, I touched the snake. I didn't really pet it, rather I just poked it... 
But hey baby steps!
After the snakes and hissing cockroaches, my class and I went outside to see the otter!
He was so cute! And he put on a little show for us! 
I even got a selfie with him <3
It was a great way to start my day!

And then my day got stressful!
Thursday night was the night of freshman spring registration...
It started at 5pm and my time wasn't until 8:20pm...
So by the time my time slot came around I had already had to redo my schedule like 12 times and try to figure out what classes I could get into....
So stressful and so annoying!
But I did get three classes I wanted! And now fingers crossed for the rest of them!

And I know you guys are probably tired of seeing me wear these red pants!
But I can't help it! I am so tired of just wearing blue jeans all the time!
And colored pants just make outfits so much more fun! 
And look how much black I am wearing!
I never wear this much black unless I am wearing black leggings and my black Wake sweatshirt to the library!

Shirt: Joe Fresh black peplum tee (similar)
Necklace: red statement necklace
Shoes: Tory Burch black/gold Reva flats


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