Monday, May 25, 2020

Wake Forest Class of 2020 Virtual Graduation

Monday, May 18th at 7pm, I graduated from Wake Forest University with a Bachelor of Arts degree.
I graduated cum lade with a double major in English and French Studies.

The virtual graduation was short, 22 minutes to be exact.
My family gathered around me, socially distant, in my backyard, around my dad’s 18-inch laptop and we watched the livestream.

The video started with a very tear-jerking video montage of campus, empty and barren. The president of Wake spoke and then all the deans of the various schools within the university presented their candidates for degrees.

The president of the school announced that we had graduated, and that was it.
Our degrees were conferred.

Tears were steaming down my face. I sat in front of my family so they couldn’t see me, but they all knew how hurt and sad I was that I didn’t get to graduate on campus. This weekend was supposed to be a fun celebration with my entire family in North Carolina. Instead, we were sitting in my backyard in New York, socially distant, celebrating my achievements and life over the past four years.

I was so upset I didn’t even realize who had popped up on my screen, TINA FEY!
Tracy Morgan, Jimmy Kimmel, Carson Dailey and Chris Paul all spoke quick words of encouragement to the Wake Forest class of 2020.

 I was so shocked that I had to watch it again after my family had left.
It was such a sweet surprise.
I thought it was the perfect little celebration until we can celebrate again in person on campus.

My family and I had dinner catered in and a delicious black and gold custom cake.
My mom and I decorated the backyard with lots of black and gold decorations. We even dressed in black and gold. I refused to wear my cap and gown for the conferring of degrees celebration. I am keeping that until October.

10 minutes after the celebration, I received an email from Wake Alumni Network, welcoming us into the alumni family.
They couldn’t even wait a day, classic Wake.

So that’s it!
I have officially graduated from Wake Forest University! 

My college graduation was nothing like it was supposed to be.
It doesn’t feel real, and it won’t until October, but until then, I will try to not talk about my graduation, because I know you are all sick of hearing about it.

Thank you for all of your love, support and sweet comments during this very weird and difficult time, especially for us members of the class of 2020.

Stay tuned for my next post which will reveal which law school I have chosen!


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