Monday, April 3, 2017

The Carolina Cup

When I get asked about how my weekend was, I say it was very eventful to say the least, and it really really was.

Friday night, I participated in the annual campus tradition of Shag on the Mag. And no it is not like the British say "shag", bur rather a type of southern dancing- shag dancing.
Fortunately I had two really great dance partners Friday night, and ended up having such an amazing time that I danced until 2am, only to have to get up the next morning at 5am for the CAROLINA CUP!!
I was so excited for the cup!

A little back story, every fraternity from my school goes to the Camden or Carolina Cup.
The cup is in South Carolina, and we take coach buses and you have to be invited pretty much by a frat to go.
So about a month and a half ago, my friend Grace and I realized that there would be no chance of us getting invited to go with a frat because all of our guy friends aren't in frats, so we thought of renting our own bus for anyone else that wanted to go!
And we were really far into the process.
We had a bus planned and everything and we were collecting money, until people started bailing out and we couldn't get the bus.
So Grace had gotten a seat on the Alpha Sig bus and Ashley and I knew the bus was full and just decided that we would drive ourselves to South Carolina....
But actually two days before the cup, I talked to some people, paid some people off and pulled some strings and Ashley and I got seats on the Alpha Sig bus to the Camden Cup. 
They told us we would have to share a seat.... but turns out not everyone showed up, so we were able to get our own seats.
So we boarded the buses at 6:30 am and took a 4 hour bus ride down to South Carolina.
On the way we stopped at Bojangles, my first trip to Bojangles ever, and in our very preppy horse racing attire and munched on some biscuits.
We then got back on the road and arrived at the Cup at about 10:30 am.
We stayed there all day....
There were 1,200 tents there, thus 1,200 fraternities.....
We walked around a bit, took some cute pictures and ate some more Bojangles. 
Ashley, and I were unlike most people and actually watched the horses race around the track...
While we were watching the horses race, there was a girl standing (well, falling over) next to us. She was by herself, so being typical Elisabeth, I went over to her and asked if she was okay...
She obviously wasn't. 
I then grabbed the people standing next to her and asked them to help us.
She told me her name and what school she came with and what frat she was supposed to be with.
So while the couple stayed with her, Ashely and I walked around the 1,200 tents to try to find the frat that she came with....
Luckily, I ran into my really good guy friend, Owen (pictured above, looking all preppy) and I knew he would help me.
Surprisingly, he actually knew exactly where that frat tent was because he went there earlier in the day.
So he introduced me to one of his friends in that tent, and the friend was able to rescue the girl, thankfully...
So thankfully she was okay and with her school, because she would have gotten left behind....
And that happened...
Because as my bus was getting ready to go back to Wake at 5pm, we realized we were missing two girls...
We had the police looking for them and they could not be found.
They weren't in the medical tent, nor were they arrested (so they were not one of the six Wake kids that got arrested, amongst the other 100s of students from other schools that had to go to Carolina Cup jail). 
We left the cup at 5:30, we were the last bus to leave and luckily while on the road headed home, we heard from the two girls.
One was on another Wake bus and the other girl was on a UNC Charlotte bus....
So that was fun and stressful for everyone....

Overall it was a very fun day!
But it was a very long day. My feet are still numb from all the standing and I was, and still am, exhausted. Luckily, I slept on the bus a bit, until I realized I had a nice sunburn on my shoulders and chest.
My hat was a big success and I looked so classy!
I was the epitome of tall and preppy at the Carolina Cup!

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer white eyelet dress (similar)


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