Monday, April 24, 2017

White Rose Formal 2017

I apologize for the few pictures I have from formal, I should have taken more "blog pics" because you can't even see the back of this dress, and it is stunning... but my date was carrying my phone so I didn't have it on me pretty much all night...
And actually, it was really nice because I was able to just enjoy myself and all of my friends, without having to keep tabs on what was going on in the world and what not.
I sent a photo of me and my date to the fam, and that was it! The phones were put away for the rest of the night!

I had soooo much fun Saturday night!
As you can imagine, I danced the night away!
I danced so much my feet were killing me by the end of the night... as you can imagine.
The minute we got back to the KD lounge I took my shoes off. These were brand new shoes and were very high, so probably part of the reason why my feet were killing me but I didn't complain at all during formal. 
After I took my shoes off my date offered to carry me and I was like ah no thanks, and then he pushed me into a puddle...
cute, but it's fine he kept stepping into big puddles with his suede shoes on... oops
Oh yeah, because that was the other thing, it was pouring out.
But don't worry I had my cheetah umbrella!

My date met me in my room and he met my besties. 
And then we went downstairs to meet up with one of my guy friends who I set up with one of my KD sisters!
So that was a lot of fun!
And then I saw my lineage up in the KD halls and hung out for a bit.
I also got told off by an older girl that I shouldn't have been in a long dress because I am a freshman....
But ummm I love this dress, I think I looked great, my date loved the dress and sorry, that's all that matters.
All the girls in the pictures above are freshman as well! And they were wearing long dresses.... so yeah.

We then waited for the mini school buses to take us to formal.
Because of the rain, the buses were a little delayed, but it was fine, more time for me to hang out with my friends and my date.
Funny story: it was my date's first time ever on a yellow school bus.
He's from England, so he has never been on a yellow school bus before....
He was so excited!
When we got to the venue we went straight to the Photo Booth and took some silly pictures.
And after that, we had no agenda. We just danced all night long.
I had so much fun, I didn't go to bed until like 4 in the morning, but it's fine, it was so worth it.
I did have to nap yesterday though, because I was so wiped out...

Get ready for lots of more pretty dresses in the next couple of years!!



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