Saturday, April 22, 2017

Live a Little

I had been working hard all week in preparation for finals so ya know what, I decided to go out Thursday night!
I am so glad I did!
I didn't get much work done on Thursday, but that's okay because I had fun.
You deserve a break every now and again!
My mom always tells me I have to "live a little," and just have some fun with some friends.

Thursday was a busy day. 
I went straight to the library after class and worked until dinner, which I ate by myself in my room, which is fine.
I love being by myself sometimes!
I then got all dressed up for my choral concert. 
It went horribly.
Our group was so bad I was mortified. We rehearsed some of the songs right before the performance and it was so bad, my director cut one of the songs.
Besides that I was embarrassed by how bad we sounded.
I was not proud to be a part of that group.
Next year I will be in the better choral group on campus, thank God.
One of my friends came up to me afterwords and said my facial expressions were hysterical because apparently I looked so embarrassed while on stage...
While the other group was performing I emailed my chorus teacher from high school.
That was probably really rude of me, but I just had to email her and tell her how much I missed her and our class.
Our class was so talented and my teacher had so much talent.
She has so much love for music and was just the best chorus teacher ever.
I miss her dearly and I really miss her teaching.... :(
I hope to come visit her in May when I am home!
Speaking of home- I will be home in 12 days!
That's crazy soon!!!
I started packing yesterday actually. I dropped some bins off at my storage unit and I bought some boxes from Home Depot.
I went in my super preppy outfit to Home Depot... yep, you can imagine I looked a bit out of place...

Shirt: J Crew orange ruffle tank (similar)
Bracelet: F21 gold cuff


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