Thursday, April 27, 2017

Freshman Year LDOC

Yesterday was my last day of classes or LDOC of freshman year.
I am in shock.
It hasn't really hit me yet, that a week from today I will be home...
Normally, I am very sentimental about endings and shed a few tears and maybe try to let all the experiences of the last day of classes sink in, but this time I didn't.
I don't know why.
Probably because I still have finals to take and things to pack.
But also, probably because I am in disbelief that I have to say goodbye to my best friends.
As excited as I am to go home to my family and friends, I really don't want to leave.
I love it here.
I remember at the end of 1st semester I was soooooo ready and anxious to go home, and now I don't want to leave!
I know when I say goodbye to my friends I will ball my eyes out, but it's fine, they still have a week left of me!
I am really going to miss my friends, my tiny dorm room and mostly my pilates class...
Not gonna lie, I love my pilates class, and I am afraid I am going to be a hippo when I come back in the fall, for not doing pilates for four months... eeekkk

As it was LDOC yesterday, most people went out during the day to various parties.
I really really wanted to, but I was asked to give a speech at this event called "Listen In," at 7pm so I had to be sober and not covered in foam or beer or water from the various water slides and mud pits at the various frat parties. 
"Listen In"  was run by the professor of my public speaking class. I was honored she asked me to speak, so I gave my narrative speech on Michael Collins, the 3rd astronaut in Apollo 11. 
It was really nice, and I am glad I did it.
I am also glad I didn't go out during the day because I got a lot of studying done!
And then my reward for studying hard during the day was, frat party last night.
I went with some friends to a foam party!
But it wasn't really foam, it was bubbles....
Like a big room full of bubbles.
It was amazing!
We got there very early, we were like the first ones there, but it was fun! We had lots of bubbles to ourselves and then we were able to dance off the bubbles.
We were covered in soap and it was great.

And now today is reading day!
My finals are Monday and Wednesday, so I have a lot of time to study.
I have some fun things planned the next couple of days to keep me entertained....

I have to say, it was very odd of me to not wear a dress on the last day of class!
It's kind of my silly tradition to wear a dress on the first and last day of class!
But I wasn't feeling it!
It was hot, don't get me wrong, you can probably see the sweat marks under my arms, but I don't know I guess cause I am still in disbelief about this year being over. Maybe that's why I wasn't in a dress. 

Shirt: J Crew blue tunic
Shorts: J Crew 3 inch khaki chino shorts
Earrings: Tiffany sterling silver love knots
Shoes: Jack Rogers Hampton sandals in platinum
Sunglasses: Ray Ban tortoise shell wayfarer sunglasses


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