Saturday, April 8, 2017

Class Registration

What a stressful yet fun day Thursday was!
It was Arnold Palmer Day, so I celebrated a bit with some Arnold Palmer's and some cake!
And then the fun ended when I literally was so stressed out that I canceled all the plans I had for the day and just went to the library.
I wanted to workout and do this research study, but nope, I just sat in the library for hours and did homework.
It was also a busy day because it was election day (again).
Election day was actually on Tuesday, but there was a TIE! So we had to vote again on Thursday....
I was actually on the campaign for one of the presidential candidates, which is my friend, but he unfortunately lost. 
I then spent an hour or so registering for classes for the fall. 
It was such a crap-shoot. 
I am on a wait-list for a class but besides that I got pretty much everything I wanted.
But I am still trying to figure out what classes I want to take.
Next semester I am fulfilling all of my divisional requirements for Wake, so that's only two classes, and the rest of my classes are just classes I want to take/are interesting to me because I can't declare a major yet.
So that's kind of fun, that I get to kind of pick and choose and explore my interests a bit.
So as of right now, next semester I am taking biology and religion, which are my requirements and then I am taking a politics class (for my possible major) and another French class (for my possible major). As well as more chorus classes and a communications class, that I am on the wait-list for right now, which could be another possible major or minor of mine.
So we shall see!
And then speaking of communications, I then had a little speech practicing session Thursday night which was really fun!

This weekend is beach weekend.
All of the frats on campus go down to Myrtle Beach and just party all weekend.
Every frat brother brings a date.
I did not get asked to go and I was a little bummed out at first, but actually I am really happy I didn't go because I am having a wonderful weekend without the beach!
I also just have soooo much work to do!
We have 12 days of classes left!
I know, that's crazy, but yeah, and then I will be a Sophomore.
This year has gone by soooo fast.
It's crazy that it was accepted student's day, yesterday on campus, and all these little baby Deacs were here and it was so cute.
But it's crazy that they are going to be here and then I am going to be old next year!

I kept it very classy on Thursday with my trench coat, partially because it was freezing!!!
Like 50 degrees, raining on and off all day, and yes my toes were freezing!
I love my new shirt!
Ashley has the same one and it's so cute.
It is a twist on a classic shirt.
I love the ruffled sleeves, but they always roll up because of the length they are.
But overall, very cute shirt.

Pants: H&M pink skinny jeans


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