Thursday, April 13, 2017

Good Music and Good Laughs

I have always loved music, from as long as I can remember.
I remember standing center stage and belting the words, "I see skies of blue, clouds of white, bright blessed days and dark scared nights," at my preschool graduation. 
From then my performance experience only increased.
I joined Girl Scout of Nassau County Chorus, NYSMAA, All County, Honor Chorus, Women's Chorus, Vocal Jazz and now Collegium.
I have done it all.
But when I get asked what's my favorite type of music, I don't really have a favorite.
I like all types.
I am very much a fan of all the music on the radio and just silly songs I can sing along to.
But I also love my classic old French songs and a good Ave Maria!
My friend has a radio show here at Wake on Wednesday nights at 6 pm, so while I was in the library yesterday slaving away on my History paper and eating dinner, I tuned in.
The music was actually really good and some of my suggestions that I threw in even got played!
It was so fun!
I forgot how nice it is just to listen to music for enjoyment and not just as background sound.
So that was fun, and then I met the same friend for the Banshees, a comedy troop here on campus.
They had a performance last night and it was hysterical.
Very very dirty and I was probably laughing most of the time from just being flustered and embarrassed.
I think everyone in the audience was a bit embarrassed, not gonna lie...
I then made my way back to my home (aka ZSR, aka the library) and finished my paper.
I am really impressed with my paper actually, and am happy that I think I did well on it, so I don't have to work a lot on it this weekend when I am in Florida!

All my classes were shortened yesterday because I finished all my work early, so that was really nice because I was able to pack!
I have come to the conclusion that I am a professional packer these days!
All of my life I have been an over packer.
For example, my parents, brother and I would go down to Florida for nine days and I would bring a HUGE suitcase with sooo many outfits.
I never wore any of those outfits because I just ended up sitting in a t-shirt and shorts when I wasn't in a bikini.....
Over the years, I have become less of an over packer and especially now, since I really don't want to pay for a suitcase, I just do everything carry on.
And I know when I go to Florida, I wear the same two pairs of shorts and t-shirts and my bathing suits.
So honestly, it's really unnecessary for me to bring lots of outfits.
I don't need to be "extra" on vacation....
I even have room in my carry on bag for this trip!! 
I am very proud of myself! Well partially I need the room because I am bringing New York bagels back to Wake. Get excited friends!!!

Now about my outfit:
Funny story about this shirt. I'm sure you read about my experience into getting rejected and accepted into colleges, if not click HERE and HERE.
So this is one of the shirts that my mom bought me during my serious retail therapy session when I didn't think I was getting into Wake. 
So that's kinda funny!

Shirt: Banana Republic lavender tank top
Jeans: American Eagle skinny jeans
Earrings: large faux pearl studs
Bracelet: J Crew pave and gold link bracelet
Shoes: Jack Rogers Hampton sandals in platinum 


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