Thursday, April 6, 2017

Collegium Concert

1st semester of college was rough.
I had drama going on at home and I had to balance 17 credits along with my new college life.
It was extremely draining and I was just not myself.
Right before finals, I woke up in the middle of the night and sat right up right out of bed and realized part of the reason why I had been so off.
It's because I wasn't singing.
I know that sounds cheesy and silly but it's true.
So this semester, I felt so much better than I had 1st semester, because not only was I only taking 14 credits and I was now comfortable at college, but I was singing again.
I am in collegium, a 15 person ensemble.
Not going to lie, but it's not as great as WOCO (back from high school) but it's not too bad, and it's fun.
Last night, we had our first concert.
All the music we did was in French or Latin.
I was given a solo for the last piece and it felt amazing to be singing on a stage again.
My bestie, Joe, filmed the concert for me and I sent it to my parents, because they were devastated that they couldn't make it to my concert.
My solo went really well I think, and my professor thought so too!
He told me after the concert that I did a very nice job and that there are going to be more solos in my future and that we have to discuss next year together!
So that's very exciting!!!
And next year, we might even go abroad with the choral group!!!
Which would be even more exciting!!!
I can't wait to see what the future holds.

I would just like to say Ashley and I are fully dedicated bloggers, because we took these pictures in the rain yesterday....
I know you can't tell, but it was definitely raining.
But we did it all for you guys!

Shirt: J Crew off the shoulder blue and white stripped top (similar)
Bracelet: Tory Burch gold logo bangle


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