Thursday, March 30, 2017

Derby Days

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This week has been "Derby Days"!
What is Derby Days? You may ask...
Derby Days is an interesting week, to say the least, hosted by Sigma Chi to raise money for their philanthropies. 
Each sorority competes against each other in various events during the week. 
For example, the other day there were silly competitions like the tug of war, the mackerel slap, (where a sorority girl literally hits a Sigma Chi in the face with a real dead fish.... fun right?!)
jousting, and eating contests. 

But the fun didn't stop there!
Last night, all the sororities had a dance off, called "airbands."
It was at this sketchy club downtown, and the dances were, let's just say, promiscuous...
Like I definitely would not want my parents to be there to watch my dance or the rest of the dances...
Including some strip teases by some of the Sigma Chi pledges...
It was very interesting...

KD went on first!
We were really nervous, but once we got on stage, we rocked it!
It was kinda rocky but it was hard to focus on the dance steps when you had this crazy crowd in front of you and you just wanted to put on a good show for them and the judges.
I seriously messed up. I had to dance with a "coach" from Sigma Chi and it was bad, but it was fun!
I had a great time, and I definitely want to do it again next year!
I love to dance and perform, even if it is "promiscuous" and I can't wait to do it again!

Yesterday, my day was pretty much consumed by "airbands."
We practiced a lot and I had little time for homework yesterday, but it's okay.
I also retrieved my missing water bottle from my chorus room.
And now I am convinced I have a stress fracture in my foot, from all the walking I do! Woo! 
But no, I won't go to student health, because they won't tell me anything that is worth my time.

But regardless of my possibly stress fractured foot, I still rocked an adorable outfit!!
Off the shoulder stuff is back, yet again for another season!
I wasn't too into off the shoulder stuff last year, probably because I couldn't really get my hands on anything cute, but I am really loving it now!
I think off the shoulder shirts and dresses are sexy!
But it's a different kind of sexy, more understated. It shows a good amount of skin, but nothing too revealing or showy.
I love my shoulders and arms so this is the perfect trend for me.
And this shirt also features the ribbon/ties on the sleeves trend.
I kept the ties just long and not tied, because I thought it looked cooler this way, but I think it would also look great tied into bows!
So I was really very trendy yesterday, obviously! (this is where I would put the emoji with the girl and her hand out next to her head)

Shirt: H&M off the shoulder blouse with ties (similar) or (similar)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban cat-eye Wayfarers (similar)


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