Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Last (Full) Week

Happy last (full) week of school!
Where has the time gone??
I know I keep saying I only have x amount of days left, but honestly, like I'm freaking out a little bit!
These next few days are going to fly on by!
I have so much to do in so little time.
I had a History paper due today, which I thankfully finished last week, before Marco, and then I have a draft of my English final paper due tomorrow, that I haven't started, as well as a French paragraph and another French paper due Monday, that I also haven't started.
So woo!
Fun times....
But actual fun times are coming because I have FORMAL this weekend!!!
I didn't do any of my papers over my long weekend, so now I'm suffering.
But it's fine, I enjoyed sleeping and eating some good food and seeing my parents for the first time in four months!
I also enjoyed lounging on the beach and getting my tan on!
But now back to the real world of college.
I gotta study, write and start packing!

I'm sorry if I look sleep deprived in these pictures but yesterday I had a crazy day.
I got up at 5:30 am, left my house in Florida, made my way to the airport, where I actually met up with one of my good friends and then we journeyed back to Wake.
And I had to go to class yesterday afternoon!
I also had to finish editing my History paper.
So last night at midnight, while walking back from the library, I was a zombie.
I don't even think I reread my paper for a final time before printing it, because I was so exhausted.
I am still exhausted because I am so stressed out and have so much on my mind I can't sleep!

As tired as I was yesterday, I'm glad I looked cute!
This was my travel and then class outfit.
This is the perfect outfit for travel because it is super pulled together but also very casual and simple!
It's also a great class outfit, for the same reasons!
I was rocking my FAV pair of earrings yesterday and loved the contrast of colors between them and my bright shirt!

Shirt: Banana Republic hot pink peplum top (similar)


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