Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Boy's Day

I had what a crazy busy day yesterday!
I only had two classes but I spent the whole day in the library rewriting my history paper!
The draft was due on Thursday, but it was the most horrible paper I have ever written so I literally rewrote it entirely yesterday...

I had my first flag football game yesterday with KD!
We got creamed!
Let me tell you. We played a medical school team and they were literally huge and just really good.
So we lost 34-0 and I would just like to say it wasn't any part my fault, because I didn't even play.... 
I just stood on the side lines and froze my butt off!!!

I also had lots and lots of boy stuff going on yesterday...
That makes me sound like a huge player or whatever, but no, it was good guy stuff!
My good guy friend and I from back home rekindled our friendship AND my guy friend and I here rekindled our friendship AND I talked to a cute boy!!!
And that all happened within 2 hours last night. 
So last night was a bit crazy, but so great at the same time!

I froze last night at my football game and I also just froze during the day.
It was 30 degrees here yesterday with the wind chill....
What happened to 70 degrees and sunny like last week??
So I bundled up yesterday in my nice new wool sweater from H&M and my knee high boots that Sophia wanted to steal....
I added a pop of color to my very dark and wintry outfit with my pink mirrored aviators and my pink/burgundy studs.

Sweater: H&M gray wool blend turtleneck (similar)
Earrings: burgundy studs


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