Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Organization, Lice and Creepy Scams

I'm slowly getting back into routine!
After doing practically no work over my long weekend, I was a little stressed out last night, but I just keep telling myself it's okay and that I am still trying to get into routine.
I was talking to my friend Joe and we were saying that it is so hard to get into routine, and by the time you do, the semester is already over!
Yesterday, I was trying to figure out my workout schedule, because ya girl has to get into shape for spring break!!! My friends and I booked our flights over the weekend and we are super excited!
And I am trying to figure out my laundry/cleaning time and what makes the most sense for me.
Everything has to be planned out and written beautifully into my Day Designer planner!
College is crazy! I have so much time but at the same time not enough!

Yesterday, my RA texted my hall and told us that there is lice....
Yep, lice.
I have never had lice in my life.
And for crying out loud, I thought only little kids got lice, not college students!!!
So ew gross, one more thing I have to worry about...

And I also got a scary call from my grandparent's yesterday.
My grandpa called me during history (my only real class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, except chorus) and left a message, asking me to call him back immediately.
I got out of class and called him back. He asked if I was okay.
Of course I was okay, I was in class, I told him.
He said he got a phone call from someone saying they were me and that "I" had gotten into trouble with my friends and we needed help and money.
He thought the voice sounded a lot like me so he freaked out, but turns out it was just a creepy scam.
The same thing happened a couple of years ago with my grandparents and it was someone calling and posing as my twin brother...
This scamming is honestly disgusting and sickening.
I can't believe people are so sick that they try to scare older people into giving them money.
It's disgusting and so frightening. 
So please tell your loved ones to NEVER give money over the phone or email to someone even if they think it is their real relative without 100% confirmation.
Please also spread the news about this disturbing and horrible trend surrounding older people.
And that's my PSA for the day.

Winston-Salem is a pretty "artsy" city. There are murals all over the city and there is art all over the school.
It was raining yesterday, not snow (because it's 60 degrees outside) so Ashley and I had to shoot inside. But we are so glad we did because we found these beautiful paintings in Reynolda hall.
So I encourage you, if you are a Wake student, to go explore downtown Winston or Wake campus its self because it's pretty artsy. 
And if you are not a Wake student, just go explore!!!
The world is full of hidden treasures and art, and you should go see them!

Shirt: H&M black and white peasant shirt
Earrings: large faux pearls
Shoes: Tory Burch black Reva flats 


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