Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Magic Trick

I am only taking 13 credit hours and only have two classes on Tuesday and I am still swamped with work!
I just did so much yesterday. I went to two professors office hours and did my laundry. 
I have a draft of a paper due tomorrow for my history class and it is soooo hard.
I love to write (obvi) and think I am pretty good at it (most of the time) but this prompt is just so difficult because it requires combining so many different ideas and readings into one thesis. 
And I am having the most difficult time!

I finally realized that if I don't put my blouses and button downs in the dryer and just hang dry them they are wrinkle free!
It's magic!
I always knew this silly trick but I didn't actually realize it worked or did it until yesterday....
So way to go!
And look how great my shirt looks, all wrinkle free, and no iron necessary!
I wish I realized this silly trick at the beginning of last semester because I would have saved myself soooooo much time ironing!

I really love this outfit!
It is so different from what I normally wear, and it just really keeps people on their toes!
I love how the shirt is very classic yet the ripped boyfriend jeans make the outfit more casual and very "model off duty" kinda look!
And who doesn't love a fun statement shoe!
I hardly ever wear these, but when I do, I sure do get a lot of compliments on them!
This look doesn't need a lot of jewelry or anything because the shoes and just the whole outfit is very loud itself.
I just put on my double pearl earrings from Tory Burch, so that there is just a little something extra in the outfit. 

This is normally an outfit I would wear in the spring or fall. But since it was literally 55 degrees yesterday in JANUARY, and YES, those are REAL flowers behind me, I decided to wear something not so "wintry."
And I also love that my shoes match the flowers! 

Earrings: Tory Burch double pearl studs
Shoes: DSW blue suede shoes (similar)


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