Friday, January 13, 2017

Rush Week and My Sorority!!!

I am one of the newest members of KAPPA DELTA!!!!
I am so excited!!!!
But before I became a KD I had to go through "rush."

I came back early from winter break for sorority recruitment or "rush."
It was long, stressful and exhausting.
To those of you who don't know anything about "rushing," I certainly didn't before last week, here you go! 

Thursday 1/5/17- Rush round 1
I wore a t-shirt that the panhellenic council gave us and I met all the sororities on campus. I talked to about 2 girls at each sorority "party."
Out of the 8 sororities I picked my top 6.

Friday 1/6/17- Rush round 2
 I wore a sweater, jeans, boots and a statement necklace to 5 sorority "parties."
Only 5 sororities asked me back so I only went to 5 parties.

Saturday 1/7/17- SNOW DAY
Ahhhhh so annoying! We had to wait an extra day to hear what our third day parties would be because it was like 5 inches of snow, and down here everything shuts down when there is snow... so that was kinda annoying and very stressful.

Sunday 1/8/17- Rush round 3
I went to 2 parties out of a possibility of 4.
KD was one of them!
I wore a purple top, a fur vest and flats, and it was seriously like 15 degrees outside.....

Monday 1/9/17- Preference Day
Because of the snow day, Monday was supposed to be our Bid day, and we were supposed to spend the day meeting and hanging out with our new sisters, but rather we had "pref day." 
We got all dressed up in heels and all to go meet our top two sororities.
KD invited me back for "pref day," and another one. 
But once I made it to KD"pref day," I knew this was where I wanted to be.
I actually knew going into Rush that I would really like KD because they partner with the Girl Scouts, and I was a Girl Scout my whole life, and also the girls just seemed super cool.
During "pref day", I talked to one of the girls (now my sister), who I had talked to on one of the first days and she told me she would love to have me as a sister!!!
I was so excited to be invited back to "pref day," and also that the girls in the room could be my future sisters! It was so exciting!!!!
There was a little white rose ceremony and lots of tears and I could really feel the love and sisterhood and I wanted to be apart of KD.
After KD I went to another sorority party, but knew that KD was the place for me!
After both parties, I had to walk SILENTLY, which was kinda silly, over to Wait Chapel and sign my preference card, that said which sorority I wanted. 
So I had two options but I only really wanted the one, so I only put KD on my preference card, or in other words I "suicided," and hoped that KD would offer me a bid!

Tuesday 1/10/17- First day of classes and BID NIGHT!!!
I went to class and everything was normal all day, until 3:30pm when our GRC's or sorority group leaders, called us to tell us if we got a bid or not.
I got the call from my GRC that I had a bid and I knew it had to be from KD because I had only put them on my preference card.
So I was sooooo excited to be getting to become a part of KD!!!
But at the same time I was really upset because a lot of my friends didn't get bids or dropped out of sorority recrument because their top picks never asked them back....
So it was a little bitter sweet...
But then I had to wait around until 8pm for bid night!
At bid night we waited until 8:15, so 15 minutes of anxiety, until we were allowed to get our bid cards, which we then put on top of our heads and then ripped open when we finished the count down.
I already knew it had to be KD so I kinda took my time opening my bid card.
And then we ran outside with our pledge class and ran to our lounge on campus.
We were screaming and singing and chanting.
We were giving our new sisters hugs and we were dancing on the quad, and it was so much fun!
We then danced in the lounge for a bit and took the photo, above, and then did some official paperwork.
We hung out all night with our sisters, until our curfew of 11:30...
And that was that!
I was so happy and excited that night that I couldn't fall asleep!

And now I am in a sorority!
I am so excited and happy that KD is my new sisterhood but I would never, ever in a million years rush again. It was just so stressful and I don't really agree with the whole choosing process, even though it worked out for me.
All in all, I am so excited for this new semester and can't wait to see what is in store for my new life as a "sorority girl...." 


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