Thursday, January 26, 2017

70 Degrees in JANUARY

Ah yep, you read that right, it was 70 degrees yesterday!!!!
Can you believe it??
I should really create a tab on my blog called like "Winter in the South..." because I don't know where to put these blog posts. Because it is technically winter, but yet, I am dressing in like fall or spring clothes...
I also finally realize why everyone loves the south!
It was so nice walking to class and just being outside yesterday!
Although, I did spend most of my day in the library....
I had a big draft of a history paper due today, and it was really hard, so I scrambled to finish it last night.
And let me tell you, this draft, was honestly the worst thing I have ever written in my entire life....
Like I think a third grader could write better than me!

I also just had a busy night last night. 
I had a WFU Style meeting, where a picture of me was put up on the board because I was a top contributor amongst some of the other girls in the club. *round of applause for me*
And then my friends and I went to the Banshees' show!
It's like SNL at Wake. 
The actors put on skits about campus life and it's just so funny.
I died.
They had a lot of frat jokes and just made jokes about super relatable stuff on campus!
It was a great night, until I had to finish writing that paper....

Dress: H&M drop waist floral dress
Jacket: H&M furry off white jacket
Earrings: Anthropologie clear stone dangly earrings
Watch: Michael Kors gold Blair watch
Shoes: Tory Burch black/gold Reva flats 


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  1. Great look, I'm jealous you are in such a warm climate. I'm still stuck in Winter :((


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