Friday, January 13, 2017

Syllabus Week and 70 Degree Weather

Hi friends!
Sorry I have been a bit MIA, but it's syllabus week, AND I'm in a sorority so that means party, party, party all week!
Well syllabus week is almost over so hopefully everything will start calming down and I can actually get some sleep.
My sorority has had mixers with different frats all this week and this upcoming weekend.
It has been so much fun going out during the week but I am so tired!
Yesterday I was running on 5 hours of sleep, because the night before I was just having such a great time with my friends at a frat party, that we didn't leave until like 2:30am....
And because of that, I now have a head cold, so good job me!
I am loving meeting and hanging out with all my "sisters." Very weird to say and think about how similar I am to these girls.
It's so crazy! But so amazing!

Yesterday was LITERALLY 70 degrees!
It is January and I am not wearing a coat!
This weather is insane, considering there was snow on the ground three days ago!
I don't know how to dress in this weather!!!
Because it's not appropriate to wear shorts because it's so warm but it's not appropriate or necessary to wear a turtleneck either...
Yesterday, I opted for a faux fur top with just black pants and flats.
It was still comfortable in the warm weather because it was short sleeved and not that warm but still winter appropriate because I wouldn't necessarily wear this shirt in the summer....
And because this shirt is very bold and a statement I kept my jewelry to a minimum.

Shirt: H&M faux fur shirt (similar in vest form)
Shoes: Tory Burch black Reva flats


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