Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Stylist??

I got this text from my mom last night saying "Hey stylist 
I am going to interviews for new jobs and I need a suit 
Banana republic has long/tall because I need length of sleeves and pants 
I need you to pick out one for me
Need to look 10 years younger!
I thought she was just being funny, but nope she is serious and wants me to pick out a new suit for her!
My mom has such a great sense of style (she claims that she was the ORIGINAL Tall and Preppy) so I was a little surprised she would ask me to help her pick out something as simple as a suit. But at the same time kind of touched that she would ask me to help her!
And I love helping people pick out what to wear. I should start my own college styling business, I would make lots of dough!! 
Heck, I love picking out what to wear for myself!
As I have said before, I love getting dressed in the morning and I love planning out my outfits on Sunday's before the week! 
If I could, I would wear a gazillion outfits a day!
Fashion is so fun!!!

Speaking of fashion, I just applied to some fashion internships! I think I want to be on the legal team of a fashion house further down the road, because it combines two passions of mine, but for right now I want to maybe work in fashion or law.
And who knows maybe I will end up as a stylist? Or just a very fashionable lawyer?
I also applied for some law internships yesterday, but I don't think many attorney's want to hire freshmen in college....
But we shall see!
Keep your fingers crossed and wish me good luck!

The temperatures are blazing here in NC!
60 degrees all week, jacket optional.
I just can't get over that it's January and there is no snow and I don't need to wear my winter coat...
Ashely, yesterday, was in such a bright colored shirt, and I was in gray and black...
I'm sorry, but it's winter! 
I know it doesn't feel like winter, but it is, so that means winter clothes for me!
And come on this shirt doesn't get more wintry, the sides of my sweater are PENGUINS!!!

Sweater: Joe Fresh penguin sweater
Bracelet: Baublebar gold link and blue bracelet (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors gold Blair watch
Shoes: Tory Burch black Reva flats


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  1. Love the Joe Fresh penguin sweater, it's not only cute but it also looks cozy. Love the entire look.


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