Thursday, February 2, 2017

Over Thinker

After thoughtful consideration yesterday, I realized that I over think things too much....
I am such an analyzer, that I look into things too deeply.
And I make a bigger deal out of things than necessary.
I am also very dramatic so that doesn't help my situation either....
Another problem of mine, is that I have a big mouth, not in the sense that I share people's secrets, but that I tell literally everyone my business.

Something, that wasn't a big deal, at all, happened yesterday, and I literally thought it was the end of the world. 
I told/asked advice from literally everyone....
And I realized that no one really cares that much to hear me talk about myself and my problems, and that I was seriously over thinking this very silly problem.
I gotta stop over thinking silly things!

So some thing I am going to work on for the future:
1. Stop over analyzing things
2. Think longer about the situation by myself before I go seek advice
3. Speak less and listen more

Yesterday I wore the perfect outfit for a dramatic person, like myself!
Fur (faux) just screams look at me, I want to be the center of attention! And trust me, I do 99% of the time, but I have to try and stop being the center of attention and telling everyone all my business. 

Sweater: J Crew light blue wool sweater (similar)
Vest: gray faux fur vest (similar)
Earrings: Tory Burch double pearl studs
Bracelet: C Wonder pink initial cuff


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  1. Great look. Don't worry about over analyzing things. Better to over analyze that under analyze, just try not to let it consume you. We still have to have fun.


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