Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Year in Review

Here is a round up of all my favorite outfits of 2016 and some lessons I learned along the way...

I learned about the power of a jumpsuit. 
Jumpsuits are just powerful and I look bomb, if I do say so myself.
Jumpsuits are just as great, maybe even better, than dresses!

I learned about the power of a red lip, and that a gust of wind can make a photo look super cool.

I learned (already knew) that pink is appropriate all year long, even in the snow!
Pink is my power color and always looks great!
I wore the pink J Crew dress above to the French Honor Society Induction ceremony. 
I remember I had to give a speech and I was really nervous because it was in front of so many people. But also because the guy I liked was there in the first row. 
But I remember it went really well and was just really exciting to get to do. 
I remember two years ago when I became president, so 11th grade, I just couldn't believe it. 
I loved my teacher but I wasn't that great at French but I still became president. 
It was amazing and crazy. 
I loved being president for 2 years and I love French!
I am continuing my French studies at Wake and am thinking of majoring in it...

Yellow (or gold) is sometimes a good color!
On March 26, 2016, I got into Wake Forest University.
It was honestly the best day of my life by far.
I applied early decision, got deferred and then got accepted in March.
I remember getting rejected from so many schools the day before I got my acceptance letter from Wake in the mail, and being so upset. 
I remember crying on the phone to my friend Giorgia, saying I can't believe I didn't get into my 2nd choice school, there is no way I am getting into my 1st choice. 
I had to do some retail therapy at the outlets with my mom...
But apparently it was meant to be, because I got into my 1st choice school, #27 in the country: Wake Forest University!
I remember being really sad on that Sunday, after my retail therapy. I woke up and looked at the Wake Instagram and online at photos and then the the mail came. My dad yelled up the stairs, I was not in the mood for anyone to talk to me, and then I opened my door and he was standing there with a big black envelop with my mom, and it said "Congratulations!" I was hysterical. I cried, and jumped up and down and was just so happy all day.
So things really do happen for a reason, and if it's meant to be it's meant to be!
And now I am at Wake and am loving it!
I learned that being deferred isn't the end of the world and doesn't mean you didn't get in....

I learned the power of a statement earring! And how statement earrings make an outfit less boring. I just had on a blue button down and white jeans, and some crazy earrings!
I wore this outfit into NYC with my theater class. We saw a Broadway show and had these amazing ice cream stuffed donuts! Ahhhh delicious!

Prom is a wonderful experience and everyone should go!
I luckily went with a really great guy (not my brother...) who was a lot of fun and one thing led to the next and we ended up dating after prom.
The party it's self wasn't that great, but just being with friends and dressing up was just a magical time.
And come on, I would die to wear this dress again!!!

I learned that classics, like a trench coat, pair of cheetah flats, and Burberry scarf never ever go out of style.
I wore this outfit into Long Island City to see my cousin in a show.
She was so good and I just loved this crazy mural we found on a side street.
New York has lots of hidden wonders....

I learned that stripes and pearls are classic.
I wore this outfit to my twin brother's high school graduation.
He was born before me, walked before me, drove before me and he graduated before me.

I learned that high waisted jeans are a blessing in disguise.
I wore this outfit to Black Tap NYC (my most viewed blog post btw) with Giorgia and Michelle for our annual end of the school year dinner party!
And thank God these jeans were high waisted because Lord did I need them this night.
We shoved our faces with hugeeeeeeee burgers and even bigger milkshakes.
So thank goodness these high waisted jeans hid my food baby....

I learned that graduating is an exciting yet scary time.
I remember I was so sad and just scared to graduate. 
I don't like change, nor do I go through it very well, and I just couldn't believe I was graduating.
But now looking back on it, I am happy I had that chapter in my life, and it was a wonderful time, and now I am just loving my new life in college.

I learned that accessories are so much fun!!
Like look at these shoes!!
They are so much fun and just added so much color and life to my outfits this summer.
I also learned that sometimes fashion is painful, these shoes were sooooo uncomfortable because they cut off the circulation in my legs... But they were SO worth it!

I learned sometimes that no bra is necessary and very freeing but it can get a little "nipply", sorry I mean nippy.
I wore this outfit in East Hampton with Michelle and Dominique!
It was such a fun weekend and I would love to do it again next summer!

I learned that turning 18 is just like any other birthday, except that you are legally an adult. And with that when you make mistakes you have to accept them and take responsibility for them....
On my birthday I learned what one of my tragic flaws is.
And I am still working on it, and probably will work on it for the rest of time...

I learned that a cute pooch is sometimes the best accessory!
I got my Hermès bracelet for my 18th birthday.
So after I picked it out, I picked Dominique and Ollie up and we did a little photo shoot around the Americana Manhasset!
And look how cute he is!

I learned for the first time that love is a real thing.
I know it sounds cheesy.
But it's true!
Love is a magical and crazy thing that it so hard to describe.
I learned that it makes you do some crazy and stupid things sometimes but that's the fun thing about life!
I also learned about the power of a crazy big floppy hat!
Great to block the sun but also just so stylish and chic!

I learned that your roommate can be one of your best friends.
I never thought I would be best friends with my roommate.
Honestly, I thought, with my luck, I would get stuck with a crappy roommate and someone that I would have a lot of drama with. But I got so lucky!
Blair and I are so similar and live together almost seamlessly!
Who would ever think that a girl from New York and a girl from Colorado, two different worlds, would be able to live together so beautifully!?

I learned that cowgirl boots are must, especially when you live in the south!
They are so cute and so fun! I feel like such a little southern belle whenever I wear them!

I learned white jeans can 100% be worn after labor day! 
It was practically fall and October and I was still wearing white jeans! But who cares?
They looked great with my outfits and were great when the temperature started to get a little colder.

I learned that by styling my hair and doing something other than just throwing it up in a basic pony tail really throws people off. And is so fun! People like change!
And change is good, even if it's really small and simple change!

I learned that the best weekend for your parents to come and visit you is NOT parent's weekend but rather a random weekend in the middle of the semester!
And I also learned how artsy Winston-Salem, NC is! Look how cute?

I learned that Halloween costumes don't need to be "sexy" now that I'm in college.
They can be cute and fun!
And I also learned that wearing football jerseys or any type of jersey really brings the boys to you... lol

I learned that sometimes you gotta do photoshoots in the forest.
I also learned that the best lighting is natural lighting at 3pm!

I learned (already knew) that my mom is the original Tall and Preppy!
This was from Thanksgiving this year.
It was the first time I had seen Peter since September. 
We just made fun of his hair all night, it was great!

I learned that a blanket scarf is a wonderful and very practical item of clothing!
It is perfect for keeping you warm, like here, but also for smuggling bottles of champagne out of frat parties as well...

I learned that changing up your look is a good thing and can keep people on their toes.
I also learned that being preppy 24-7 isn't necessary and can be fun to dress a little edgier.
This was the first time I wore my over the knee boots and everyone was so shocked to see me in this outfit.
Girls on my hall were so complimentary towards it, because it was so cool and trendy.

I learned that Christmas trees in NC aren't the same as the tree in Rockefeller but it will have to do...
Not every place is as big and great as NYC!
I know that's a silly "lesson" I learned, but honestly, I just wanted to post this photo because I love it!

I learned that white jeans can 100% be worn after Labor day.
And there is such a thing as winter white!
I actually wrote a blog post about wearing winter white for WFU Style.
And how women shouldn't be scared of wearing white in the winter, even though I was a little terrified myself.

I learned that there is no place like home with friends.
And there is no place that is as great as New York!
New York is my home and I love it so much.
I love Wake but I also love New York. 
The day after I got home from school, we had our annual Christmas dinner in Manhattan and took these adorable pictures! 
I love my friends so much and missed them so much. I was so happy to spend all day with them!

I learned that long sleeve and high neck dresses can be fabulously high fashion and sexy!
Come on, look at this dress!
My brother wasn't a big fan, but look how pretty it is!
I love the lace and that it isn't black, rather navy!
It's so pretty and I can't wait to wear it again, probably for Rush!

I learned that denim on denim is very chic.
Denim on denim is a good look and just super easy!
I wore this outfit into NYC with my friend Alex for a day exploring soho and the Whitney museum downtown.
It was so much fun!

I learned last night at a NYE party, that saying goodbye to 2016, or any year, isn't sad and I shouldn't be too sentimental...
When ringing in the new year, I normally am sad to say goodbye to the last year, but this year I wasn't sad.
I was just so excited!
2016 was such an amazing year and I just know that 2017 is going to be even better!!
I can't believe it's 2017!
I am so excited!



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