Monday, July 11, 2016

Welcome to the Family!!

Meet Maximus!!
The cutest little member of our family! Sorry Zoe! If you have no idea who Zoe is click here.
He is 6 weeks old and a Rottweiler.
Isn't he such a little mush!??

Throwback to where I took the same pics with my friend the dolphin last summer, click here

My shirt: J Crew navy blue short sleeved eyelet blouse  (similar)
My shorts: J Crew 3 inch stretch pink and white shorts (similar)
Sunglasses: Ray-ban cat eye wayfarers in tortoise shell (similar)


Ok well shoutout to Giorgia and Michelle for calling my bluff....
This isn't my new puppy.
I never lied! I said he was the newest member of our family and he is! 
He's my brother Mark's puppy!
My brother lives in Florida and came to visit us and he brought along the newest member of our family! 
My brother is part of our family and now so is the puppy!
Sorry if I got all your hopes up!!


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