Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What A View

Well because Facebook royally screwed up and now EVERY SINGLE one of my private Facebook friends now knows about my blog, WELCOME to my blog!!

Oh what a view!!
I love waking up every morning when I'm here in Florida and looking at this view. 
It's so stunning and especially when we get a good sunset.
Last night, my family and I went upstairs to the 18th floor, for dinner with family friends.
They are from Italy so we had a traditional Italian Sunday dinner and the food was delicious.
We're on the 7th floor here and the view is gorgeous but the 18th floor was beautiful too!
Such a different perspective of the beach!
I took a photo and put it on my snap story but I some how forgot to save it! Oops!
But the view is spectacular and you can see the whole beach!

Here is my absolute favorite blog post, I think the pictures are absolutely stunning, good job mom!!

This is my favorite maxi dress and you would know that if you read my 1 Year Anniversary of Tall and Preppy post, click here, if you haven't read it. 
You can see its the same dress but in different colors.
I love the purple but I also love the salmon (@jack, yes it's salmon!)
It makes you look super tan and is just very pretty!


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