Saturday, July 9, 2016

It's All About the Shoes

Can we just take a moment and look at these shoes!
Okay a moment passed, now let's talk about them.
Holy crap aren't they adorable!!??
I am obsessed with them. 
Similar styles and pairs have been all over the web recently, but I really love these with the tassels.  They are sooo fun!
I really wanted a pair with pom poms on them but they were all sold out and sorry I wasn't going to buy the $200 Mystique or Revolve or Schutz ones. They are very trendy sandals and the shoes probably won't be in style next summer anyway. 
I think they are so much fun! They add a pop of color (more like many pops of color) and just make any outfit so much fun!
 I was debating getting them or not for a couple of days, but I decided to get them because my mom was like, "Omg they are crazy but so cute!"
And I am so glad I bought them! I am obsessed!
I was really afraid the tassels would tickle my toes, but they really don't! 
They jingle when I walk because of all the charms on them. (You can also move the charms up and down the cords, so you can make the charms go all the way up your legs like I did.)
But these shoes aren't very comfortable.
You have to tie them very tight around your legs so they don't fall down, so I had marks on my legs last night after I took them off, so lack of circulation is kind of a problem.

These shoes were part of my big package that I had shipped to our house in Florida!
I was so excited and am so thrilled that they fit!
(Definitely go a size up!)
So of course I had to wear them out to dinner!
My mom and I went to Naples for some Mediterranean food at Mediterraino!
It was sooo yummy and our waitress Barbra was hysterical!
But my feet fell asleep because of the lack of circulation going to my feet from my crazy shoes.
And we walked around Naples a little bit and these shoes are not at all comfortable.
But sometimes beauty takes pain, or whatever that saying is!

And my outfit is very mediterainan and coordinated with the restaurant and my shoes!
Lol I kinda packed for this trip keeping in mind what I could wear with the shoes... lol

Well I'm in love with these shoes and you should definitely get them!

Top: Joe Fresh orange basic tank top (similar)
Shorts: J Crew white linen shorts with black embroidery (similar)


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