Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Sorry but if you guessed I was going to Kansas on my Instagram post (above) then sorry, you're wrong!
I'm in Florida!!
Yes, I strutted around JFK with my big floppy hat on! It's huge, but I love it. 
It's what I like to call my "yachting chapeau!" lol
My mom and I got TSA pre-check which was really nice, and I probably could have kept my hat on but I decided against it!
But I did wear it off the plane in Florida!

When we got to our house my package was there!
I ordered some new stuff from ASOS and it just arrived so of course, first thing I did before even going to the bathroom was try on all my new stuff!!
Don't worry you will see everything really soon! Everything is super super cute.

And omg I can't believe my whole outfit is pink!
It's almost kind of embarrassing how much pink I'm wearing.
Don't get me wrong, pink is my absolute favorite color! Have you seen my room?
But like this is a bit much, omg.
My duffel bag, rolling suitcase, shirt, sunglasses, fingers and toes all in PINK!
(But not as much as Pink Day during Spirit Week! Obviously it was very easy for me to be decked out in pink from head to toe!)

I am all about dressing nice, as you can see.
I know it is super tempting to wear sweats or leggings on the plane but a nice pair of pants and a shirt is wayyyy cuter!
I just think it is important to dress well. That's just me and my parent's philosophy!
My parents always taught me that people will treat you nicely if you dress nicely. I know that's not always the case, but I would like to think that. 

I personally get chilly on planes and prefer to be in long pants and with a light jacket.
I know my white jeans aren't leggings or sweats, which of course I would love to wear 24/7, but trust me they are a close second in comfort. They are so stretchy, they honestly feel like leggings. 
(And my mom can also attest to them being super comfy because she has the same pair!!! I had them first, but still.)
My shirt is also super airy, breezy, light weight and wrinkle "resistant."
When picking an outfit for the plane, I always keep in mind if the shirt will get wrinkled or not, just by sitting for a couple of hours, and what will the weather be like when I land.
So sleeveless was perfect for me because it's so HOT here in FL.
And of course easy slip on and off shoes, in case you don't get TSA pre-check. 

Shirt: Banana Republic pink sleeveless peplum top (similar)
Hat: J Crew large tan straw hat (different color)


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