Tuesday, July 19, 2016

White Out

Back track: I am overly paranoid about getting sun burned. 
I have only had one bad sunburn in my entire life, two years ago during February break, and I peeled so bad.
That was the only time I peeled and I will never let that happen again!
Because of being paranoid of getting sunburn I usually seriously lather up in sunscreen.
This vacation I didn't for a change and just did my arms and chest. 
And not only did I not get sunburned but I got a really really nice tan.
Probably the best tan I have ever had! Or so I thought. 
And it makes sense that I got a nice tan because I am of Italian and Greek descent.
But I'm also German and therefore I don't tan too well. And that was apparent to me when I saw my Irish and German boyfriend with a BETTER TAN THAN ME!!!!
Not fair!!!!
So yesterday when I went over his house for dinner, I made sure to wear a lot of white (hence my white outfit) to make myself appear even tanner than him!
I don't know if the classic trick worked, but it was a nice attempt.

I really wanted to take pictures outside but it was a torrential down pour and these hydrangeas looked so pretty! They even matched my shorts.
Unfortunately we forgot to take a picture of my shoes, but I am wearing my white Jack Rogers.
But let's be honest you don't need to see my severely bruised and hyper extended pinky toe, it's not cute. (Go read how I did that here.)

Shirt: J Crew white eyelet shirt (similar)
Shorts: J Crew white and pink flowered 3 inch stretch shorts (similar)

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