Friday, July 15, 2016

It Wouldn't Be a Trip to Florida Without....

It wouldn't be a trip to Florida without some shopping at the outlet mall!!!
I didn't get too many things because it's very in between seasons and the stuff for back to school isn't really out yet.
And not for nothing the kids here in Florida don't ever really wear fall clothes! It's usually too hot!!
And in North Carolina next year I won't really be wearing fall clothes for a good couple of months, because it's also really hot down there.
So I just got some new green linen shorts and a multi patterned one (because I really need more J Crew shorts...), a stripped dress and a light blue gingham button down

We also stopped at Target and I got my new planner! I am so excited!
I am really into planning and staying organized.
Actually in middle and high school my school planner was my life.
Like I had to have it on me at all times.
In middle school a couple of times some friends, to be funny, stole my planner and wouldn't let me have it the whole day.
I pretty much died. And it wasn't that funny.
I got the Day Designer planner from Target.
I know there is also the non Target version but that is like $50 and up and I need to see if I like this first before getting a really expensive planner.
I really like this one because it is hourly. So I can write down all of my college classes each day and what clubs meetings I have and everything.
I hope I like it as much now as I will when I'm at Wake Forest in the fall.
And come on it's also so cute and preppy!!

It was super hot yesterday especially to be walking around outside in an outdoor shopping center.
My mom counted our steps on her Fitbit and we walked over 2 miles and burned lots of calories. 
I like to wear something cute yet easy to change in and out.
This is the perfect outfit and I have worn this several times here on my blog.
Here is my favorite time when I wore this outfit: Shakespeare in the Park

Shirt: Joe Fresh basic orange tank top (similar)
Shorts: Joe Fresh high waisted bright patterned shorts (similar)
Bracelet: Forever 21 gold cuff (similar)

P.S.- You can see how dedicated I am to this blog, because as I started writing this my computer was dying so I was getting up to go get my charger and I stubbed my pinky toe really really badly on my coffee table. So badly that it is hyper extended and super swollen and I can't walk, but look here I am still typing away with an ice pack on my foot. 


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