Thursday, July 28, 2016

So Long Farewell

Tonight we had our Girl Scout end of the year celebration! (Yes, I was a Girl Scout, and yes we sold the best cookies ever!)
We are officially done with Girl Scouts. Woo!!!
(But not really because I'm a lifetime member now....)
I loved being a Girl Scout. I was given so many amazing opportunities and had so many great experiences. I was on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, The Couch, I sang with the Girl Scout Chorus at Citi Field, The Nassau Coliseum where the Islanders used to play, and I got to sing On the Mall in Washington, D.C.! The coolest opportunity was being selected to be on a Girl Scout cookie box! But my favorite part of Girl Scouts was just hanging out with friends and learning how to be a strong, independent and powerful young woman. 
I started Girl Scouts when I was in the 1st grade and I am so glad I stuck with it all these years.
My mom was my leader since I was a Brownie and continued with me for all these years!
As geeky as Girl Scouts was (as I got older), it is a great organization, and I highly recommend for every girl!

(Yes that's me in the orange shirt!)

So for our last Girl Scout meeting/end of the year/peace out Girl Scout party, we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant and just hung out for hours. All of our mom's came and they drank and had a good time. While we drank virgin mojitos and we hung out. It was so nice to see my friends, some who I haven't seen since graduation!
The restaurant is very trendy and pretty much a bar/club on one side, so of course we stayed away from that side, but did take pictures in the super cool co-ed bathroom! Like look how cute the pictures came out!

Look how super long my legs look, if you don't mind me saying! I love playing with proportions. The hemline of my romper is super short but it is a very high neck so it is a nice balance. Thus it's very classy and appropriate. And then nude shoes just make anyones legs look miles long! These are 4 inch wedges, but like I've said before, you tall girls need to rock them and work it! Strut girl strut!!

Today, I'm featuring Sophia! We haven't seen her on T&P in a while, and ya know my friends miss being featured on the coolest blog ever after a while!

My outfit:
Romper: Shoptiques pink romper (similar)
Shoes: BCBG nude cork wedges (similar)
Bracelet: Forever 21 gold cuff (similar)

Soap's outfit:
Dress: off the shoulder floral dress (similar) 
Necklace: gold multi-chained necklace (similar)
Shoes: Zara brown and rope wedges (similar)


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