Monday, May 30, 2016

Senior Cut Day

Senior cut day was so much fun!!! 
We had it on Friday, 5/27/16 so we could have a 4 day weekend!! All the seniors decided to go to the same beach so we could all be together. 
Cut day isn't really "cutting," because all of our parents just called us in sick. Our class president told us to tell our parents to call us all in sick with pink eye, lol as a joke. Some seniors went to school and some juniors even cut!!

It was a very eventful day!
We left the house around 10ish and got sandwiches from the deli. While at the deli we ran into some of our classmates who we're not particularly friends with but they were more friendly then they normally are. They asked if we were also going to the beach and etc. So we started the day off on a good note, it was a nice surprise that they were so friendly and chatty. 
We then got down to the beach and ran into the same girls and they started to walk towards this huge group of people, which was obviously our entire grade, but all our friends weren't there yet so we thought it would be a little awkward to just sit with kids we're not really friends with. So we found some other of our friends and put our stuff down by them. Our other friends, @joe @soap @bridget @grace finally showed up and sat down in the big group so we went to join them. And I am so glad we did! 
It was so much fun! It was nice to just hang out and be with our entire grade even though we aren't all friends. I couldn't get over how sweet and friendly everyone was being towards each other even though we aren't all friends. I just kept saying how nice it was to hang out with our whole grade!

My friends were really really funny. All the big group shots started with one or two friends posing with me but then they all saw I was taking the photo and were like, "IS THIS GOING ON THE BLOG???" And of course I said yes, so here I am keeping my promise!!

It was really fun until the cops came....
Yep. The cops came. I actually saw the cop come racing down the beach and I screamed "COP" for everyone to dispose of their illegal substances. And at first the cop didn't do anything and just sat in his car but then as he was turning around to leave some people started screaming like "yay he's leaving," which was just stupid because then he turned back around and called in for reinforcements....
So my friends and I walked down to the water to stay away from the drama that was happening with the cops. We took some cute pictures and got to see all the madness go down. The cops just went through everyone's coolers and took the beer if there was any. The cops were actually pretty chill, they could have given everyone a ticket for open canisters but they didn't. So we avoided all of that by staying down at the water.
The cops finally left and we were all able to relax again. My one friend got a little too relaxed and went into the water when he was a little intoxicated... not safe, but he was fine, he did it for Janette after all!
My friends from another school were also at the beach, so I ran over to say hi to them! It was so nice to see them! During our little reunion the Blue Angels, the fighter jets who now do air shows, were flying over the beach practicing for Memorial Day air shows!

We ended the day, not wanting to leave the beach and getting some delicious soft serve ice cream!

Bathing suit: Aerie


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