Thursday, May 5, 2016


@Daniel now we are 10-0! Thanks for caring so much about my badminton team! We have 3 games left until we go to counties and hopefully we win our division because then we get a big '16 on the badminton banner that hangs in the gym!
I had a surprise visitor at my game today and it was so sweet!! I was so surprised! Thank you! 

I had my Literature AP yesterday and for the first time ever I wore leggings, a t-shirt, sneakers and my favorite sweatshirt, my customized badminton sweatshirt that my brother got me for Christmas a couple of years ago, to school. I never really wear this sweatshirt out in public because I used to be very self conscious about being on the badminton team because well lets face it is very geeky sport. It's not lacrosse, which is like the "cool" sport at my school. But I love it and it is really fun! But the sweatshirt is pretty funny, so I wore it to my AP and school yesterday. So I didn't really think it was necessary to do a blog post about my very causal outfit. I have to say a lot of people were checking out my sweatshirt, they must really be jealous!
None of my friends were really in class today because they had their Calculus AP today! So best of luck to them and to my friends taking the APUSH AP tomorrow! 

Shirt: J Crew white peasant blouse with tassels (similar)
Shoes: Vince Camuto burgundy flats


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