Tuesday, May 24, 2016

10 More Days of High School

Of course the minute I go outside to take photos it starts raining....
It was raining this morning, dried up during the day and then of course just started raining again!

I have 10 more days left of class! 10 and then I am done with high school. I finish June 10th, but we have senior cut day on Friday, College 101 Day and the Senior BBQ, so 10 days. I got my "Guide to Forestry 101" book in the mail yesterday from the university I will be attending in the fall. It is a check list of everything I need to know before and during my 4 years of college.
It kind of hit me today, while I was working out, that the chance of me seeing half the kids in my grade or school again is little to none. That's really scary to think about. It's scary that in August I will be on my own, in a completely different state and in a new part of my life. I will always call home home but it will never be the same home as it is now. My friends will change, my habits will change and my life is going to be completely different. I have lived in the same state, same town, same house, same room all my life and for once that is all going to change. I am so excited for college yet so terrified.  I don't really like change and in the next couple of months big changes are going to happen. It's the most exciting point in my life yet the most terrifying. 

I'm wearing a new shirt again today from my favorite store! Take a guess which one?? 
J Crew! Omg how did you know?? 
The next couple of weeks will be filled with new pieces that I ordered from J Crew and you can get them online! 
This shirt is a great basic! It's a gray t-shirt but it has a white beads at the neck so it is pretty much a built in necklace! And then the shirt isn't so boring. I find myself wearing a lot of basic shirts in the summer time with fun printed shorts or skirts. So this top is great because you don't even need to really wear jewelry with it, it is an accessory on its own! 

Shorts: American Eagle printed flowy shorts (similar)


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