Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Off The Shoulder

lol this shirt has pockets!

It was 88 degrees today!
This is the warmest it has been in 2016 so far. Friday is supposed to be really warm weather too! Perfect for our senior cut day and going to the beach! George please wear sunblock! 
I have so many finals projects going on right now! I have my final English essay that we have been working on all year, the "Bring it on home" project, a French project, an econ project and a theater project. And my theater project doesn't even count as my final grade! Like I already had my final in the class, the show I was in last weekend! So enough already! 
Also, because I am not going to be here on Friday, that means my econ project and part of my English project are due like Thursday night! I'm not stressed out but I just have a lot going on right now. I have a lot of extracurricular events going on. Like tonight we had a meeting for the parents and kids in my grade about the big party/dance thing we have after graduation in June. And tomorrow night I have the POPS concert! Which is always a lot of fun! 
I am trying to slow down and take it all in but it's really hard when life is moving at a thousand miles a minute. 

I just ordered some more college "swag," as my cousin says. Some new college t-shirts of the school I am actually going to. Tonight at this meeting, I had on a Brown University t-shirt because at all the schools I saw, I got a t-shirt and the schools I really liked, I got a long sleeve t-shirt, but so I have all these college shirts that confuse people because I am not attending that school that is on my shirt. 

Anyway, here is my super cute and comfortable outfit for almost 90 degree weather!
Bracelet: C Wonder pink initial bangle (similar)


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