Monday, May 2, 2016

AP Week

It's AP Week!
Fortunately, I am only taking 3 APs so I don't have it that bad but I feel really bad for all my friends who have like 5 or more APs. 
If you don't know what APs are: they are very long and hard college level tests that you take after taking an AP level class at school and if you do well on the tests, they count for college credit. 
This year I am taking AP Literature, AP Government and AP French. 
I have AP Lit this week and the other two next week on the same day.... :(
The only good thing about AP week is that for seniors after the APs we're like DONE!
Not technically done, because we don't graduate until June 24th but like pretty much done and we can be in full senioritis mode!

Shoutout to Ariadne, my insane, and I mean CRAZY friend for picking a college, finally... and actually getting into college.... round of applause for you!!! 

On a happier and lighter note: It's like officially spring here and I am so excited, minus the fact that my allergies will be starting up...
Like look how pretty this Cherry Blosom tree!! OMG! 
When we had Hurricane Sandy, this tree got really misshapen and we didn't know if it would live. But it did and look how pretty it is!!
It was the perfect background for my outfit today!

Shirt: J Crew orange tunic (similar)


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