Wednesday, May 18, 2016


This year just keeps getting crazier and crazier! But the good kind of crazy!

For starters, yesterday was insane and I already wore that outfit a gazillion times so you didn't really need to see it again. 
Yesterday, my women's chorus class and I went to a singing festival/competition thing after school. I had this really big solo in the last song and I was soooo nervous! I never get nervous performing on stage when I'm acting but when I sing solos I always freak out! I think it's because when I sing I feel vulnerable. My palms were so sweaty and I was shaking. We were rehearsing the solo before we went on to perform and I really chickened out and couldn't hit the high note, but when I got on stage and sang I hit the high note and it was great! I surprised myself and everyone in WOCO! Our chorus every year is amazing but I didn't think we performed that well this year, but apparently we did because we got gold with distinction! The highest award you can get at this festival!! We were shocked! When our chorus teacher got on the bus to tell us, we started screaming and jumping up and down! In my 4 years in being in WOCO we have never gotten gold with distinction. We went from silver, silver, gold and finally gold with distinction! 
Because our performance was after school yesterday I couldn't go with my badminton team to counties! Unfortunately we lost, so our season is over, but we are conference champions!! We got a plaque and everything the other day, it was so great!!
My mom's birthday was also yesterday! Happy Birthday mom!! I love you! Thank you for always being my wonderful photographer and thank you for being my best friend!!
My parents, brother and I went out to dinner at this really good French restaurant in town to celebrate!

And finally today, another crazy but fun day!
I had rehearsal today for my repertoire company show that is this weekend. I know all my lines and blocking but overall as a cast we are not ready for the show. I went upstairs to the costume room today and picked out my costume.... I am playing a man, so it is nothing cute nor blog worthy!
I also had vocal jazz rehearsal! And then I went out for crêpes with Michelle and Dominique! (Thanks Dominique for the pics!!) I had a oreo crêpe! Sooooo good, and sooo filling! So I didn't even need to eat dinner when I got home! We talked about boys (shocker) and senior cut day. And we even stopped by some friend's houses on the way home! It was a lot of fun!! 

This outfit is really casual but also looks pulled together. Because although this outfit just consists of jeans and a t-shirt, it's a "dressier" t-shirt because of the lace on the front. I think this outfit is so cute, the shirt is so soft and comfortable and so preppy! I have the bows on my shoes and the big pearl earrings, and my shirt is from J Crew so yeah I think that says it all! 


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