Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Farewell Badminton

Happy Tuesday! A short week this week!!
A short but very stressful week! I have lots of final projects due in the next couple of days so I'm slightly overwhelmed! But it will all be good!

So today, I said farewell to my badminton team! 
We had our little senior ceremony at our pizza party today!
Brianna, my sophomore bestie, did my very large and PINK poster! It has my cap and gown picture and it has black and gold tassels on it for Wake Forest! It's so cute and she made a really sweet speech about me. I am going to miss her so much next year!! We were best friends on the team and we really have a great relationship. So I hope we keep that relationship strong over the years. We have to keep our snap streak going and I expect a text from her every day after practice in the years to follow to hear all the dirt and gossip! 
Coach also got all the senior girls a bouquet of flowers. All the seniors and I chipped in and we got him a nice new navy blue sports shirt so he can wear it to the games, because he literally wears the same shirt every game. Anyway, as crazy, creepy and annoying as he was, he's a really nice guy and really cares about the girls on my team. He even gave me the player of the year award, and I have to go pick up my plaque tomorrow!
I left the party really quickly because I didn't want to cry in front of everyone. As annoying as coach was and annoying as it was to go travel to away games, I really enjoyed the team and am seriously going to miss it. I love the girls on the team. I was mom of the team! Shocker! Mom, yet again, but I really do care about the girls and really do love them! And I am going to miss badminton a lot!
We had a wonderful team and season this year, 12-0, I definitely want a '16 on the banner in the gym and I want the team to continue to be successful in the following years to come! 
Here are some pictures of me and the other senior girls with our cute posters! Can you see now that I really am what my blog's name is: Tall and Preppy! Look how much I tower over the other girls, who are the same age as me!!

I just can't get over that I have 8 days of school left!! 8 more days of high school. I don't feel like a senior still!! I haven't felt like a senior all year, and it hasn't fully sunk in that I will not be going to my high school in the fall again. And I can't even really be excited about college because I have so many projects due!

@michelle, no this isn't the same shirt I wore on the boat! That one was lavender and this one is periwinkle! And it's new, thanks for noticing! It wrinkles very easily and doesn't iron very well... so I don't really recommend. And it kinda requires a strapless bra... But I do love the color and look how cute it goes with the shorts!! 
And now it is after Memorial Day, so I can officially and without breaking any "fashion rules," wear white bottoms! But who cares! I was wearing white pants long before Memorial Day!

Shorts: J Crew white linen shorts with black embroidery (similar)


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